Lady Diana’s Former Chef Pays Warm Tribute On Her Death Anniversary


Lady Diana was killed in a car crash on August 31 1997 in Paris at the age of 36. Almost 23 years after the Princess’s death, her former chef took to Twitter to celebrate the deceased and the life she led. The former chef Darren McGrady reminisced his time with the Princess who won the hearts of the world and is still remembered far and wide.

What Did He Share On Twitter?

The chef took to the micro-blogging website a picture that the Princess had given to him with the handwritten message, “To Darren. Love from Diana.”

In this tweet, he mentioned alongside the picture:

“Twenty three years ago today the world lost this special lady. #PrincessDiana.”

Here is the original tweet:

What Did Other People Say?

It wasn’t just Darren who expressed his love and remembrance for the late Princess, many other people from all around the world took to the same social networking site to mention how much they missed the princess and how grave a loss was her death:

“Remembering the life of this wonderful human on the 23rd anniversary of her death. May her legacy live forever.”

“23 years ago we lost an angel, our queen of hearts.”

 “The almost overwhelming shock of watching the news as her death was reported, is one of those moments that feels as fresh today as it did then.

“I loved her for her strength, courage & humanity. Always missed, never forgotten.”

“We still Miss you.. You still Inspire us.. The Real Princess, the Queen of hearts. You came and changed the world forever..”

 “23 years ago today you left the world, but you continue to live in our hearts. R.I.P Princess Diana. You will always be loved.”

Her Mysterious Death

23-year-ago today Lady Diana and her love Dodi Fayed died in a car crash in the Pont de I’Alma Tunnel. Her sons William and Harry were aged only 15 and 12 respectively. According to royal experts, both the sons marked the death anniversary of their mother with a video call and paid her tribute. In an ideal world without Corona Virus