Killing of climbers in Pakistan by Taliban on June 23: Two Georgians still missing

Eurasia News

Islamabad: “We contacted the leadership of Ministry of Emergency Situations, plus our Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Georgian colleagues through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will contact the (department head Sergei) Lavrov has requested that the following week at once on one side and evacuate all the dead bodies,” – said the agency “F-Sport” CEO Russian Mountaineering Federation (FIA) Alexei Ovchinnikov.

“There’s a dead Lithuanian, Ukrainian and wonder who else. It is possible that in the camp were two Georgians, their fate is unknown. And with the very camp where it all happened, there is no connection. There is a link only to other groups (where the Russians), one of which is above the 800 meters on the slope, and the other in a faraway valley is “- he continued.