Daesh operating from Kerala accepts responsibility of Dhaka suicide attack

Eurasia News

By Syeda Munawara Qazi

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Islamic State known as Daesh has accepted the responsibility of a suicide attack in Bangladesh that took place in Dhaka yesterday (Friday March 17).

This is second incident of suicide bombing in Dhaka in just four months as a female member of Islamic State blew herself up detonating a suicide vest as police were raiding a militant hideout on December 24, 2016.

Daesh operating from Kerala India took bloody attack on a bakery in Dhaka on July 2, 2016. However, authorities of Bangladesh are shy to accept that Daesh is active in country having links with Kerala based unit that is also providing terrorists as far as Afghanistan. It is pertinent to mentioned that over 45 boys from Kerala had been killed in Afghanistan while fighting for Daesh in different provinces of war-torn Afghanistan.

Talking to journalists, Dhaka Police claimed that suicide bomber wanted to blow Rab barrack Police battalion compound in a bid to kill policemen who conducted raids in Chittagong and killed affiliates of Jamaat-ul-Mujahedeen a day before on Thursday March 16.

Police officials say that identification of suicide bomber is yet to be determined and there is possibility that he was a foreigner hailing from Kerala state of India.

Kerala based Daesh accepts responsibility of Dhaka suicide attack

Security has been increased at airport that is not far from Rab barrack Police battalion compound where this attack took place.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal categorically denied presence of Daesh and called it “propaganda” while Daesh international took responsibility of the incident through its social media networking.

Since 2005, there have been at least seven suicide bombings at mosques, cultural events and courts or during raids by law enforcers. But no establishments of any law enforcers have ever come under such attacks.