Japanese built silencer human speech

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Japanese scientists have created a device that can make the person speaking into silence. Article researchers have not yet accepted for publication, but its preprint available at arXiv.org.

In the 90’s of last century, psychologists have found that during the conversation the person listens to his own voice – is one of the feedback loops of the brain and vocal apparatus. As it turned out, this channel is important for people suffering from stuttering. For example, playing a man of his own speech with a time delay of 50 milliseconds can significantly reduce the frequency of stuttering, writes Lenta.ru.

The resulting method is called DAF (Delayed auditory feedback – back audio communication with a delay). It was found that healthy people can inspire DAF stuttering, actually “hammering” the channel feedback.
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In the new work, scientists have proposed a simple system that can disrupt the normal flow of speech. It’s simple and a directional microphone with similar dynamics, combined into a single device, which the researchers called “speech generator noise.”

Scientists have collected a sample of the noise generator and conducted several series of tests. In particular, they were able to get the practical limitations on the technical parameters of the microphone and the sound source with the distance to the target and the volume of her speech.
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According to the researchers, because the direction of action, it can affect certain people in the crowd, without causing inconvenience to the people around. In addition, they say that a person is exposed to not experience discomfort.