France’s Areva group has announced that Japan is relaunching six reactors in 2013

Eurasia News

Japan’s major supplier of nuclear power generating equipment, France’s Areva group, has announced Tokyo’s plans to restart six reactors by the end of 2013. The other reactors will be restarted later – except the Fukushima-type made in the US.

In addition to two reactors already put back into operation in Japan “there could be half a dozen reactors that will restart by the end of the year,” the Chief Executive Officer of the French state-owned nuclear group announced at a press conference.

“I think two-thirds of reactors will restart” within several years, specified future plans Areva’s CEO Luc Oursel.

Oursel noted though that it will take years to get the green light for all Japan’s nuclear reactors and some of them, like the notorious reactors at devastated Fukushima power plant, produced in the US by General Electric Company, would remain closed forever.

While Japan’s foreign partners remain optimistic about resurrection of nuclear power industry in the country, Japanese Kyodo press agency believes country’s nuclear power generation facilities will remain frozen through 2013.