Jalalabad rocked with 3 blasts early morning: 30 killed, 60 injured in suicide blast in Jalalabad near Kabul Bank building

Eurasia News

Monitoring Desk: Jalalabad rocked with 3 blast early morning including one suicide blast near Kabul Bank building that killed over 30 persons and 60 were reportedly hurt. Afghan Taliban has taken responsibility of the blats outside Kabul Bank, said Afghan police while iTV reported that Taliban denied their involvement behind the blasts.

The majority of dead is government servants who were at Bank to collect their salaries. Local administration are broadcasting appeals to people to reach hospital for blood donation because majority of injured are in critical condition and need blood.

Time bomb exploded near Governor House of Jalalabad while another blast was heard near main Bazzar. Police chief Fazel Ahmad Sherzad claimed 22 persons were killed in suicide blast near Kabul Bank building while media reported at least 50 persons were killed.

According to international news agency, the first explosion was shortly followed by another blast. At least one suicide bomber was reportedly involved. Witnesses heard a third blast, but according to local media reports it was a controlled explosion by authorities, who detonated another suspicious device.

Pajwok Afghan news agency added that dead bodies were everywhere on road after suicide blast.


Eyewitnesses said to Eurasia News Desk that majority of killed person was those who were at bank to collect their salaries and they were government servants. Kabul Bank is focal point for withdrawal of salaries for government officials.

Taliban since long are targeting lower ranking government servants to stop them to serve sitting Afghan government. According to Taliban narrative, all those are infidels who are supporting sitting government of Afghanistan. Taliban since 1996 are fighting for an Islamic rule on the guideline of Saudi form of Islam.