ISPR book “Indo- Pakistan War 1965 – A flashback”

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ISPR book Indo- Pakistan War 1965 – A flashback

ISPR book “Indo- Pakistan War 1965 – A flashback”

Indo- Pakistan War1965 is not just a war for Pakistanis—rather a source of inspiration for generations to come and a message to our enemies that how could we and how would we– respond to any aggression. I strongly believe that the process of Dhaka Fall started just after ruthless defeat of India in 1965 war and Indians who could not defeat us at borders engineered a “defeat” within our lands. We lost 1971 war but that defeat was not an armed defeat rather a defeat of arrogance of certain political as well as military personalities— a defeat that was brought by error of judgments and of course a defeat of those who were not ready to accept realities.

I shall never forget that my late father kept weeping for days after Dhaka Fall though he had no financial, social or personal linkages with former East Pakistan. He was a simple businessman having no military background but he was weeping for days because his country lost one of its part and because thousands of Pakistanis (Bangladesh was part of Pakistan till the last second it announced its independence) were killed, women were raped and children were massacred. I remembered my elders could not eat dinner that night when they got news from BBC Radio about massacre in Dhaka University —-much before actual Fall of Dhaka.

I was born on August 16, 1965 —almost the same week when India was trying to encircling us. I was raised with feeling of honour that my armed forces, my country and my city of Lahore ruined and crushed Indian arrogance “Ruthlessly”.

I am a proud Pakistani — A Pakistani who is always ready to sacrifice his life for his country. I was raised with resolve of Patriotism by a society that truly believed in “Patriotism” instead of “Universality of Religion”. I am breed of 1965 not a generation that was raised after 1979 —an era that injected a new Narrative of “International Jihad” instead of protecting own homeland.

I am sharing with you a wonderful book produced by Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan Army titled “Indo- Pakistan War 1965 – A flashback”. This book was first produced a year after 1965 war and its first Edition came out in September 1966. Second Edition was presented in September 2002. This book having rear historical photos and articles related to Indo-Pakistan 1965 war is now reprinted.

You can read or download this book to click this link  

I am a proud plain cloth soldier of my motherland but not a solider of “Ummah” or religions narrative. Pakistan Zinda Baad

Agha Iqrar Haroon

Chief Editor

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