Islamist radicals on rampage in Africa to kill tourism

Eurasia News

Malindi: A radical Islamist outfit working for installing Islamic Wahabi state in Republic of Kenya  reportedly attacked an Italian-owned casino last night in the wee hours.

According to a source in Malindi, six of the attackers were killed by security forces alerted from guards and guests, although two policemen were also killed in the gun battle.

The source was unable to confirm if any of the guests of the casino were injured, though from other sources in Mombasa the word is that at least some were harmed when the machete and gun wielding thugs stormed the premises. A police spokesperson in Mombasa, some 100 kilometers south of Malindi, stated that about 50 suspected MRC members were involved in the raid.

eTN in its special coverage indicates there was immediate suspicion among the mainly Italian expatriates living in Malindi, that the attempt to rob and kill was aimed to grab a large sum of money to finance the terror group’s activities and previous shootings of two Italians during the past weeks which are now also being looked upon once again in the context of MRC targeted violence.

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