Best of 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World 2022


The sovereignty of a country requires some proper measures to be taken in order to ensure unassailable security for the people of the nation. For this purpose, different intelligence agencies are being formed to manage internal and external matters with an aim to cope up with the threats. Every country has its own intelligence agency with special tasks assigned to ensure surveillance in all aspects. One of the major tasks they perform includes halting the dissemination of fake information among the masses. As the agencies know that the elements working to disrupt the peace in a country can do everything to meet their purposes, they ensure to keep a closer look on the unusual activities. Some of these agencies also carry out assassinations. However, every agency has its own plan of action and is better than each other.  The strong determination to deal with every situation promptly is the goal defined to these intelligence agencies following which they can ensure safety for everyone in a state. Let us fill you in with a brief intro of the best of 10 intelligence agencies of the world 2022. 

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies

Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World 2022Pakistan takes pride in having the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that is responsible for processing, gathering, as well as analyzing the situation of national security and any information related to it. ISI directly reports to the Director-General and is mainly looking into the provision of intelligence expertise for the Government of Pakistan.

Ministry of State Security (MSS)

Another top intelligence agency on the list is the Ministry of State Security (MSS). It is the Chinese agency that was formed back in 1983. The headquarters of this agency is in Beijing with 17 bureaus or divisions inclusive of a counterintelligence division as well as a social research division. 

Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World 2022Australia also possesses one of the top intelligence agencies named the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS). It is headquartered in Canberra under the equivalence of the Central Intelligence Agency. ASIS primarily deals with matters related to international and foreign intelligence while coordinating with other agencies serving in the line of duty across the globe. 

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is also one of the top 10 agencies in the world. It is the brilliance of this agency and its devotion to serving the best that Canada is known as one of the safest countries. It deals with Canada’s national security matters and advises the government related to potential threats. 

Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE)

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World 2022France has an intelligence agency that is known to be one of the most efficient agencies in the world. Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) works under the French Defence Ministry equivalent to the Central Intelligence Agency. The department looks into foreign intelligence and national security issues.

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

A name that has always remained in the headlines is RAW that is an Indian intelligence agency. It is also ranked in the list of the top 10 intelligence agencies in the world. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is a foreign intelligence agency of India that plays a significant role in maintaining the security of India against terrorist attacks. It monitors as well as communicates all of the foreign activities that can prove to be challenging for India. 

Federal Intelligence Service (BND)

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World 2022Our list of the top 10 intelligence agencies of the world 2022 has Federal Intelligence Service that is serving for Germany to provide foolproof security. The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) or the Federal Intelligence Service was formed back in 1956. It is responsible for directly reporting to the German Chancellery. Like other intelligence agencies, BND is also serving to ensure security while detecting threats to the country. Moreover, it gathers information related to nuclear weapons, organized crime, drug, and human trafficking, etc. 

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World 2022CIA or Central Intelligence Agency is the most well-known agency in the world. It has been serving on the line of duty for the US by collecting information from all over the world. This intelligence agency has been working since 1947 that making it one of the oldest agencies on the list. CIA monitors threats and any unusual activities against the US including terrorism and mass destruction. In addition, it is also responsible for counterintelligence and cyber warfare. 

Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)

Russia holds a position in the list of top intelligence agencies across the world with it agency named as Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). It is the civilian foreign intelligence agency that comes under the Russian Federation. SVR is the successor to the First Chief Directorate of the KGB. It performs closely with the Main Intelligence Directorate which is Russia’s military foreign intelligence agency. Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is responsible for gathering information outside the country. Further tasks include various forms of surveillance and agency is also involved in alleged assassinations. 

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)

Secret Intelligence Service or SIS emerges as another contender in the list of the top agencies in the world. This agency is serving with excellence in the UK. SIS is also commonly known as MI6 and is one of the most popular intelligence agencies. The history of this agency goes back to over 100 years that making it one of the oldest agencies on the list. SIS or MI6 is responsible for external affairs whereas the internal matters are being handed over to MI5. Besides, MI6 serves to gather and analyze information from overseas related to nuclear weapons, drug trafficking, and any sort of organized criminal activities that can prove to be a threat to the UK’s security. 


Including it in the list of the top 10, Mossad is the national intelligence agency of Israel. Mossad is one of the three branches of the Israeli Intelligence Community managing the internal as well as military security matters. Like all other agencies on the list, Mossad is also tasked to gather information related to the development overseas and runs its own counter-terrorism unit as well. 

The list of the top 10 intelligence agencies of the world 2022 is quite aspiring. These agencies have been striving to work with their expertise in intelligence while ensuring the security and sovereignty of the states across the globe. 

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