Indo-Pak intelligentsia stands against warmongers

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Islamabad, Pakistan: Over 800 peace-mongers belonging to different strata of Indian and Pakistani societies have stood against warmongers who always wish to purge peace and future of over 1.2 billion population through their systemic and well-designed campaign to install war over already crippled economies of sub-continent.

Through an online Resolution, peace-mongers have condemn all forms of violence regardless of its objectives.

Deeply concerned at the current rise in animosity and antagonism between India and Pakistan, signatories of resolution urge both governments and their security establishments to take all steps possible towards improving relations.


Resolution states:

We note that whenever it seems that relations might improve, some form of disruption takes place ranging from jingoistic statements to militant attacks. The traditional response to such disruptions only strengthens those who want continued tensions between our two countries.

We move this resolution towards a peaceful subcontinent and make the following demands to the governments of India and Pakistan, urging them to:

  1. Develop an institutionalised framework to ensure that continuous and uninterrupted talks between India and Pakistan take place regularly no matter what. Make dialogue uninterrupted and uninterruptible.
  2. Ensure that political leaders, diplomats and civil servants from both countries conduct talks on the sidelines of all international and multilateral forums.
  3. Recognise that the Kashmir dispute above all concerns the lives and aspirations of the Kashmiri people, and work to resolve it through uninterrupted dialogue between all parties concerned.
  4. Implement the 2003 ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan.
  5. Renounce all forms of proxy wars, state-sponsored terrorism, human rights violations, cross-border terrorism, and subversive activities against each other, including through non-state actors or support of separatist movements in each other’s state.
  6. Support and encourage all forms of people-to-people contact, and remove visa restrictions and discrimination faced by citizens of both countries. This must be further taken forward to allow visa-free travel between India and Pakistan.
  7. Increase trade and economic linkages and cultural exchanges between India and Pakistan.

Further, we pledge to uphold the principles of impartial reporting and urge media houses on either side to prevent the growing militarisation of debate. We must act responsibly and stop broadcasting hate speech and creating public hysteria aimed at the other country and/or vulnerable communities.


Endorsed – names sorted in alphabetical order below.

Name, designation

  1. A. H. Nayyar, physicist, educationist, Lahore
  2. Aabida Ali, activist, Karachi
  3. Aakash Chandran, Assistant Editor, Lighthouse Project
  4. Aamer Raza, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Peshawar
  5. Aashima Subberwal, Pakistan India Peoples’ Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), New Delhi
  6. Aasiya Ishaq, Pak Sarzameen Party, Karachi
  7. Aasha Mehreen Amin, Deputy Editor, Editorial and Op-Ed, The Daily Star, Bangladesh
  8. Aastha Dua, lawyer, New Delhi
  9. Abbas Dadla, social worker and teacher, Mumbai
  10. Col Abdul Rasul Khan, India-Pakistan Soldiers’ Initiative for Peace India Chapter
  11. Abdur Rauf, Coordinator of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Peshawar
  12. Abha Bhaiya, activist, Himachal Pradesh
  13. Abhay Ramchand Shaha, Baramati, Maharashtra-Architect and National Secretary, Servas International Peace Organisation
  14. Abhishek Thakore, Co-founder, The Blue Ribbon Movement, Mumbai, and South Asian Youth Conference Series
  15. Abhyudaya Shishodia, student, National Law University, Jodhpur
  16. Achal Arora, insurance professional, Meerut
  17. Achin Vanaik, retd. Professor of International Relations, University of Delhi
  18. Adil Jussawala, poet, Mumbai
  19. Adil Najam, Dean, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University
  20. Adnan Gabol, actor, Karachi
  21. Advait Gupt, media maker, Partner at Supari Studios, Mumbai
  22. Afia Salam, freelance journalist, Karachi
  23. Afia Sheherbano, Women’s Action Forum, Karachi
  24. Afrasiab Khattak, ex-Senator Awami National Party, Islamabad
  25. Afsan Chowdhury, journalist and academic, Bangladesh
  26. Agha Iqrar Haroon, Chief Editor, Dispatch News Desk News agency, Islamabad
  27. Ahmad Quraishi, TV anchor, Islamabad
  28. Ahmad Rafay Alam, environmental lawyer, Lahore
  29. Aisha Gazdar, filmmaker, Karachi
  30. Ajay Row, LitmusWorld, Mumbai
  31. Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta, Deputy Editor, The Wire
  32. Akeela Naz, President, Peasants Women Society, Khanewal
  33. Akshat Singhal, Co-founder, The Blue Ribbon Movement, Mumbai
  34. Ahsan Jamil, Managing Director, Abraaj Healthcare Fund, Pakistan
  35. Alefia T. Hussain, journalist, The News on Sunday, Lahore
  36. Ali Mehdi Zaidi, freelance artist and healer, Lahore/London
  37. Ali Arqam, journalist, Karachi
  38. Ali Raza Abidi, parliamentarian, Karachi
  39. Aliya Harir, student at National Defence University, Islamabad
  40. Alka Subramanian, San Diego
  41. Aman Alam, software engineer, Bangalore
  42. Amandeep Sandhu, writer, Punjab, South Asia
  43. Amar Sindhu, Women’s Action Forum, Hyderabad
  44. Amardeep Singh, author, Singapore
  45. Amarpali Singh, poet, Chandigarh
  46. Ameya Kilara, Leadership Fellow, Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  47. Amir Haider, social activist, Gilgit
  48. Amirtharaj Stephen, photographer, Photographers for Environment and Peace, Chennai
  49. Amit Jagda, image consultant, Mumbai
  50. Amit Mehra, photographer, New Delhi
  51. Amita Gupta, textile designer, New Delhi
  52. Amit Sengupta, journalist, New Delhi
  53. Amitabh Akash Nag, service, poet, Kolkata
  54. Amjad Sohail, researcher, Karachi
  55. Amlan Dutta, wildlife biologist, Bhubaneswar
  56. Ammad Khaliq, Associate Executive Producer, Dawn News, Islamabad
  57. Ammu Joseph, independent journalist and author, Bangalore, India
  58. Amna Mawaz Khan, dancer and political activist, Islamabad
  59. Amrita Chachhi, author, professor, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands
  60. Anaar Desai-Stephens, instructor, ethnomusicology and media, Cornell University
  61. Anand Chakravarti, academician, Delhi
  62. Ana Kandwal, writer and activist, New Delhi
  63. Anahite Contractor, poet, art critic and curator, Mumbai
  64. Anam Zakaria, author, development professional and educationist
  65. Anand Patwardhan, filmmaker, Mumbai
  66. Ms Anasuya, Rishi Valley School, Madanapalle, Chitrapat, AP
  67. Aneesh Pradhan, artist, India
  68. Anil Chamadia, writer, journalist, New Delhi
  69. Indian Air Force Sqn. Ldr. Anil Sehgal, Mumbai
  70. Anila Quayyum Agha, visual artist, Lahore/USA
  71. Anila Younis, activist, Quetta
  72. Anis Haroon, activist, Pakistan
  73. Anish Mishra, independent analyst and researcher on South Asia, Singapore
  74. Anita Dixit, social researcher, Kolkata
  75. Anita Ghai, School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi
  76. Anita Katyal, journalist, India
  77. Anjali Monteiro, Professor, School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
  78. India Anjali Purohit, poet, artist, Mumbai
  79. Anju Khemani, disability consultant, Hyderabad, India
  80. Anju Makhija, poet and writer, Mumbai
  81. Annie Raja, General Secretary National Federation of Indian Women, New Delhi
  82. Ansar Fayyazuddin, physicist, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  83. Anton Babu, entrepreneur, Trivandrum
  84. Anuradha Bhasin, journalist, Co-chair, Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), Jammu
  85. Anuradha Marwah, author and academic, New Delhi
  86. Anwer Hussain Jafri, theatre writer, director, activist, Karachi
  87. Arbab Taimoor Khan, rights activist/writer, Quetta
  88. Archana Hande, artist, Mumbai
  89. Arfa Khanum Sherwani, broadcast journalist, New Delhi
  90. Arfana Mallah, Women’s Action Forum, Hyderabad, Pakistan
  91. Arieb Azhar, singer/musician, Islamabad
  92. Arshad Haroon, Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Network, Peshawar
  93. Arshad Rizvi, activist, Rawalpindi
  94. Arshiya Lokhandwala, art curator, Mumbai
  95. Aruna Roy, social activist, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, Rajasthan
  96. Arundhati Dhuru, social activist, National Alliance of People’s Movements, India
  97. Arundhati Ghosh, arts facilitator, Bangalore
  98. Asad Mumtaz Rid, journalist, activist, Karachi
  99. Asad Sayeed, economist, Karachi
  100. Asad Zaidi, publisher and writer, New Delhi.
  101. Asha Hans, Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), India
  102. Ashok Chowdhury, All-India Union of Forest Working People, Delhi
  103. Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, former Pakistan ambassador to the US, India and China; and head of UN missions in Iraq and Sudan
  104. Ashwani Kumar, poet, professor at TISS, Mumbai
  105. Asiem Sanyal, marine biologist, Nagpur
  106. Asif Mahar, educationist, writer, Karachi
  107. Asiya Shervani, diversity and inclusion consultant, Hyderabad, India
  108. Aslam Khwaja, writer, Karachi
  109. Asma Jahangir, Chairperson Emeritus, HRCP & Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan
  110. Asma Shirazi, senior anchor/editor current affairs, Aaj News
  111. Asmat Jogezai, polio worker/activist, Quetta
  112. Atia Anwar Zoon, Assistant Professor, Federal Urdu University, Islamabad
  113. Atif Hayat, activist, Tehrik-e-Niswan, Karachi
  114. Atiqa Shahid, gender rights activist, Lahore
  115. Atiya Hassan, lecturer, Saint Lawrence Govt Degree College, Karachi
  116. Navy Cdr Atul Bharadwaj, strategic affairs analyst, historian, India
  117. Atul Gurtu, scientist, Mumbai
  118. Awais Ramzan Baloch, artist, Nosach Films Academy, Karachi
  119. Ayesha Jalal, Mary Richardson Professor of History/Director, Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies, Tufts University
  120. Ayesha Siddiqa, research associate SOAS, University of London
  121. Ayesham Sitara, student
  122. Azher Ali Hullio, auditor, activist, Larkana
  123. M. Kutty, Secretary General, Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC)
  124. R.P. Bhaskar, journalist, Chennai
  125. Babar Ayaz, journalist and author, Karachi
  126. Babar Kamario, student, Madeji, Sindh
  127. Bachhi Karkaria, journalist, author, Mumbai
  128. Baela Raza Jamil, Founder and CEO, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, Pakistan
  129. Baiju Parthan, artist, Mumbai
  130. Balraj Khanna, author, London, UK
  131. Barnali Ray Shukla, filmmaker, Mumbai
  132. Baruna Bhattacharya, writer, Kolkata
  133. Banoo Batliboi, book artist, Mumbai
  134. Bebagar Azeem, peace activist, Turbat
  135. Beena Sarwar, journalist, teacher, editor Aman ki Asha, Cambridge MA / Karachi
  136. Bilquis Rehman, social development professional, Karachi
  137. Bina Sarkar Ellias, poet, editor and publisher, International Gallerie, Mumbai
  138. Binu Mathew, Editor, org, Kerala
  139. Bratati Bal, concerned citizen, Mumbai
  140. Brian McMahon, retired master mariner, ex-merchant navy, Kolkata
  141. Bushra Gohar, former MP, MNA, Awami National Party, Pakistan
  142. Bushra Qadim Hyder, Executive Director, Qadims Lumiere School, Peshawar
  143. Celina John, filmmaker, Mumbai
  144. Chaudhry Latif Akbar, President Peoples Party, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  145. Charanya R, artist, Bengaluru
  146. Chintan Girish Modi, peace educator, writer and researcher, Mumbai
  147. Christophe Jaffrelot, research scholar, Paris
  148. Cynthia Stephen, independent media person and researcher; Founder, TEDS Trust, Bangalore
  149. Darryl D’Monte, environmentalist journalist, Mumbai
  150. David Alesworth, artist, educator, Bristol/Lahore
  151. David Barsamian, Director, Alternative Radio, Boulder, CO
  152. Deep Kanakia, sustainability crusader, Mumbai
  153. Deepak Kathuria, Association of Peoples of Asia
  154. Deepak Nahar, Past National President, JCI India
  155. Deepesh C, Assistant Professor, Chennai
  156. Devang Shah, international law and diplomacy student, Vadodara, Gujarat
  157. Devashish Makhija, filmmaker, poet, artist, author, Mumbai
  158. Devika Mittal, research student and convener (India) Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Delhi
  159. Dhruva Narayan, Managing Editor, Daanish Books, Delhi
  160. Diep Saeeda, peace activist, Lahore
  161. Dileep Rao, anti-war citizen, New Delhi
  162. Dilip D’Souza, writer, Bombay
  163. Dilrukshi Handunnetti, journalist and lawyer, Sri Lanka
  164. Dolly Thakore, actor, Mumbai
  165. Dunu Roy, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory, Shiv Nadar University
  166. Ellia Khan, Officiating Director, PeaceNiche | T2F, Karachi
  167. Elsa D’Silva, Founder and CEO, Red Dot Foundation, Mumbai
  168. Ershad Mahmud, Executive Director, Center for Peace, Development and Reforms, Rawalakot
  169. Ezabir Ali, women’s rights activist, Srinagar
  170. Fahim Siddiqui, technology entrepreneur, Boston
  171. Fahmida Riaz, poet, Karachi
  172. Faiza Ahmed, artist, Karachi
  173. Faiza Butt, artist, London
  174. Faiza Hayat, student, Karachi
  175. Faizan Lakhani, journalist, Karachi
  176. Fakhar-e-Abbas, law student/activist, Mehrabpur, Sindh
  177. Farooq Shah, Managing Editor, Kashmir Observer
  178. Farida Batool, Head of Visual Arts National College of Arts, Lahore
  179. Fauzia Shahid, content editor PTV, Islamabad
  180. Faredoon Bhujwala, freelance corporate trainer, British Council and various other corporates, Mumbai
  181. Fareeda Tahir, Program Officer, SPO, Karachi
  182. Farhana Kanwal, development professional, Chitral/Islamabad
  183. Farida Nekzad, journalist; president, South Asian Women in Media (SAWM), Kabul
  184. Farieha Aziz, journalist, Karachi
  185. Farooq Tariq, Spokesperson, Awami Workers Party
  186. Faseeh Bari Khan, writer, Lahore
  187. Fasih Ehsan, artist , project manager, New York
  188. Fatima Mehta, ceramic artist, Mumbai
  189. Fauzia Ansari, teacher, mother of Indian prisoner in Pakistan Hamid Ansari, Mumbai
  190. Fazal Khan, teacher, activist, Loralai, Balochistan
  191. Fazil Jamili, journalist, Karachi
  192. Feroza Batool, PhD Scholar Gender Studies, Lahore
  193. Fida Hussain, teacher, activist, Pano Aqil, Sukkur
  194. Fozia Yasmin, singer, Lahore
  195. Furhan Hussain, researcher and trainer, Islamabad
  196. Sundarrajan, environmental activist, Chennai
  197. Gauhar Raza, scientist, poet, filmmaker, Delhi
  198. Gautam Babbar, international civil servant, UN, Vienna
  199. Geeta Seshu, journalist, India
  200. Geetha Durairajan, Professor, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
  201. Girish Karnad, playwright/filmmaker/actor, Bangalore
  202. Gita Sahgal, Centre for Secular Space, London
  203. Githa Hariharan, Writer, Delhi
  204. Gul Panah, rights activist, Karachi
  205. Gulan Kripalani, Transformational Leadership Facilitator, Kolkata
  206. Gulzar, poet, lyricist and filmmaker, Mumbai
  207. Gurmehar Kaur, student, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  208. Dr Gurveen Kaur, educator, Secretary, Centre for Learning, Secunderabad, India
  209. Hameed-ul-Mehdi, Team Leader, Community Development and Entrepreneurship Foundation, Quetta
  210. Hamid Mir, journalist, Pakistan
  211. Hamida Amanat, social worker, New Jersey, USA
  212. Hani Baloch, activist, Karachi
  213. Col Harbhajan Singh, India-Pakistan Soldiers’ Initiative for Peace India Chapter
  214. Harnidh Kaur, policy professional and poet, Mumbai
  215. Haroon Baloch, activist, Islamabad
  216. Haris Kidwai, Pakistan India Peoples’ Forum for Peace and Democracy, New Delhi
  217. Harris Khalique, poet and essayist, Islamabad
  218. Harris Khan, actor, Karachi
  219. Harsh Desai, Campus Head, Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication, Mumbai
  220. Harsh Kapoor, South Asia Citizen’s Web (net)
  221. Harsh Mander, writer, human rights and peace worker, Delhi
  222. Harsh Narayan, filmmaker and activist, Delhi
  223. Harshad Marathe, illustrator, India
  224. Hasil Bizenjo, President National Party (NP), Balochistan
  225. Hassan Fazal, student, Panjgoor
  226. Hema Badhwar Mehra, writer, editor, activist, India
  227. Hemant Divate, poet, Mumbai
  228. Hilda Saeed, activist, member, Women’s Action Forum and Shirkat Gah
  229. Himali Dixit, anthropologist, Kathmandu, Nepal
  230. Hoori Noorani, activist, publisher, Karachi
  231. Humair Ali Usto, geologist, Karachi
  232. Ibrahim Malick, technology entrepreneur; former founder-editor South Asia Media Association, New York
  233. Ihsan Ahmed, auditor, Karachi
  234. Bishop Dr. Ijaz Inayat Masih, Karachi
  235. Dr Ilina Sen, academician, writer and peace activist, Mumbai
  236. Ilma Iqbal, law student and team member, Aaghaz-e-Dosti
  237. Imran Aziz, businessman, Rawalpindi
  238. Imran Zahid, actor, Delhi
  239. Imtiaz Ali, Deputy Speaker, Provincial Youth Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  240. Inder Salim, artist, New Delhi
  241. Inderjeet Parmar, professor of international politics, University of London
  242. Indira Bodani, Founder, The Gateway School of Mumbai
  243. Indra Munshi, sociologist, Mumbai
  244. Ira Anjali Anwar, writer and poet, Delhi
  245. Irfan Almani, social activist, Karachi
  246. Irfan Aslam, journalist, Lahore
  247. Irfan Engineer, Director, Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai, India
  248. Irfan Husain, columnist, Dawn, Pakistan
  249. Irfan Mufti, human rights and peace activist
  250. Irshu Bangash, filmmaker and media activist, Peshawar
  251. Ishaan Jajodia, Founder, The Mumbai Art Collective & Student, Dartmouth College
  252. Ishtiaq Ahmed, author, Professor Emeritus, Stockholm University
  253. Iqbal Alavi, Secretary, Tareekh Foundation
  254. Iqbal Latif, entrepreneur, Sukkur/Paris
  255. Jamal Shah, artist, filmmaker, culture activist; currently DG, Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad
  256. Jamuna Rangachari, writer and website in-charge, Life Positive magazine, Delhi
  257. Janhavi Acharekar, author, Mumbai
  258. Jasbir Jain, independent intellectual/professor emeritus/writer, Jaipur
  259. Jatin Desai, journalist, Mumbai
  260. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, writer and musician, Bangalore
  261. Jayshree Murali, educator, VIDYA India, Mumbai
  262. Jean Dreze, economist, Ranchi, India
  263. Jayshree Shukla, concerned citizen, Delhi
  264. Jehangir Jani, artist, Mumbai
  265. Jerusha D’sa, educational freelancer, Mumbai
  266. Dr Jesrani Birma, doctor, activist, Karachi
  267. Jhansi Papudesi, freelance journalist, humanist, Bangalore
  268. Jharna Bannerji, writer, Pune
  269. Indian Navy Capt Joginder Singh, Jeolikote, Uttaranchal
  270. John Dayal, writer and activist, New Delhi
  271. John Kurrien, educator, Pune
  272. Jyoti Malhotra, journalist, New Delhi
  273. Jyoti Punwani, journalist, Mumbai
  274. N. Panikkar, historian, Trivandrum
  275. K.P. Jayasankar, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, Mumbai
  276. Satchidanandan, writer, Kerala
  277. Kabeer Khurana, filmmaker, Mumbai
  278. Kalpana Sharma, independent journalist, Mumbai
  279. Kamal Chenoy, professor JNU, New Delhi
  280. Kamala Visweswaran, anthropologist, San Diego
  281. Kamayani Bali Mahabal, feminist and human rights activist, Mumbai, India
  282. Kami Chouhdry, trans rights activist, Executive Director Subrang Society, Karachi
  283. Kami Kidwai, management consultant, London
  284. Kamila Hyat, columnist, former newspaper editor, Lahore
  285. Kamla Bhasin, social activist, India
  286. Kanak Mani Dixit, journalist and writer, Nepal
  287. Kanwal Toor, entrepreneur and social activist, London/ Mumbai
  288. Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak, analyst, commentator on strategic and security issues
  289. Karamat Ali, Executive Director PILER, Secretary National Labour Council and Founding member PIPFPD, Karachi
  290. Kavita Krishnan, Secretary, All India Progressive Women’s Association
  291. Kavita Nandini Ramdas, independent consultant, Brooklyn, New York
  292. Kavita Srivastava, human rights worker, People’s Union for Civil Liberties
  293. Kedar Maddula, Wunderhaus Artists’ Getaway & Homestay, Pondicherry
  294. Kejal Savla, Program Lead at Community Connect Fellowship, The Blue Ribbon Movement, India
  295. Kenneth Joe Cleetus, Program Officer, Regional Centre of Expertise, Trivandrum
  296. Keshav Sharma, B.S. PPE Candidate, Northeastern University
  297. Khadija Mashood Mian, student, Lahore
  298. Khushal Khan, ex-Central President National Youth Organisation (NYO) of the ANP, Islamabad
  299. Kim Jurgensen, communications manager, South Africa
  300. Kirtana Kumar, actor/director, Infinite Souls Farm & Artists Retreat, Bangalore
  301. Kirthi Jayakumar, Founder, Red Elephant Foundation, Chennai
  302. Kishwar Naheed, poet, Islamabad
  303. Kokab Kaleem, housewife, Rabwah
  304. Konchadi Vasanth Pai, retd company executive, Bengaluru
  305. Krishna Menon, Professor, Gender Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi
  306. Kubra, women’s rights activist, Quetta
  307. Kuldeep Kumar, columnist and commentator, Delhi
  308. Admiral L. Ramdas, former Chief of Naval Staff and Magsaysay Awardee for Peace, India
  309. Lalita Ramdas, peace activist, Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), Alibag, India
  310. Laraib Abid, Founder, Mashal, Lahore
  311. Laxmi Murthy, Consulting Editor, Himal Southasian, Bangalore
  312. Leena Dabiru, legal and development consultant, Delhi
  313. Leena Kejriwal, photographer, artist, activist, Kolkata
  314. Lisa Pingle, gallerist, Pune
  315. G Devasahayam, former IAS, writer, author and public activist, Chennai
  316. Vice Admiral Madanjit Singh, former Flag Officer Commanding, Western Naval Command, Indian Navy, Mumbai
  317. Madhulika Narasimhan, research and communications professional and core member Aaghaz-e-Dosti
  318. Maham Ali, freelance consultant, Islamabad
  319. Mahesh Bhatt, film producer, India
  320. Mahrosh Hussain, student, Forman Christian College University, Lahore
  321. Malik Siraj Akbar, Editor-in-Chief The Baloch Hal, Washington D.C.
  322. Dr Mallika Ramdas, educator, New York
  323. Manan Kashyap, photographer and writer, India
  324. Mani Shankar Aiyar, peace activist, writer, former parliamentarian, Delhi
  325. Manisha Gera Baswani, artist, photographer, Gurgaon
  326. Manisha Gupte, PIPFPD, Pune
  327. Manjri Sewak, consultant, WISCOMP (Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace), Foundation for Universal Responsibility of HH The Dalai Lama, New Delhi
  328. Mannika Chopra, journalist
  329. Manoj Mitta, journalist, author, Delhi
  330. Mansi Sharma, activist, Delhi
  331. Manzur Ejaz, journalist and punjab scholar, Fairfax, VA, USA
  332. Maria Harir, banking professional, Islamabad
  333. Maria Memon, journalist, Karachi
  334. Maria Patel, advertising and media professional, Pakistan
  335. Maria Bastos, Doctoral Researcher, University of Westminster, UK
  336. Marion Dry, Director of the ClassACT HR 73 Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program, Boston, MA
  337. Mariyam Urooj, theatre artist, Karachi
  338. Marvi Sirmed, journalist, Daily Times, Islamabad
  339. Marwah Maqbool Malik, development practitioner, Research Assistant, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  340. Maroof Syed, Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS)
  341. Marzia Hassan, social worker, psychotherapist, author, Toronto/Karachi
  342. Masood Khan, heritage professional, architect and planner
  343. Matthew Mattam, YouthAid Foundation, Pune
  344. Maya Mirchandani, journalist, India
  345. Mayank Bhatt, novelist, Toronto
  346. Mazhar Arif, journalist, activist, Islamabad
  347. Mazher Hussain, Executive Director, COVA,  India
  348. Meena Menon, journalist, Mumbai
  349. Meenakshi Chhabra, peace educator, Lesley University
  350. Meenakshi Chakraverti, writer, San Diego
  351. Meera Kumar, educationist, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
  352. Meher Marfatia, author, Mumbai
  353. Mehmal Sarfraz, journalist, Lahore
  354. Mekaal Hasan, musician, Lahore
  355. Mekhala Krishnamurthy, academic, anthropologist, New Delhi, India
  356. Melanie P. Kumar, independent writer, Bangalore
  357. Merry Barua, Director, Action for Autism, New Delhi
  358. Mihir Vatsa, poet and heritage archivist, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India
  359. Milind Champanerkar, writer, Pune
  360. Minahil Mehdi, teacher, minority rights activist, Founder of HumAahang, Lahore
  361. Mira Hashmi, actor, film critic,  educator, Lahore
  362. Miriam Chandy Menacherry, filmmaker, Mumbai
  363. Mithu Sen, artist, New Delhi
  364. Mitu Varma, Director, Film Southasia
  365. Mohd Afroj, research scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  366. Mohammad Ali Shah, activist, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, Karachi
  367. Mohammad Jibran Nasir, Never Forget Pakistan, lawyer
  368. Mohammad Shoaib, Aariz Media
  369. Mohammad Tahseen, ED, South Asia Partnership Pakistan & Convenor, Pakistan Civil Society Forum
  370. Dr Mohammad Taqi, academic, physician, Peshawar/Florida
  371. Mohammad Zakiuddin Mahdi, research scholar, Uttarakhand Technical University
  372. Mohini Giri, chairperson, War Widows Association, New Delhi
  373. Mohsin Hamid, writer
  374. Mona Kazim Shah, founder, Project Pakistan, journalist and human rights activist, Dallas
  375. Moniza Inam, journalist, Executive Director, WAF, Karachi
  376. Monojit Lahiri, writer, Kolkata
  377. Motika Anand, Chicago
  378. Dr Mubarak Ali, historian, Lahore
  379. Mubashir Zaidi, journalist, Dawn News, Karachi
  380. Muhammad Al-Helal, M.Phil Researcher on Sub-Regional Cooperation in South Asia under the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka
  381. Muhammed Anwaar uddin, actor, Karachi
  382. Muhammad Haris Sodher, student/activist, Tando Allahyar, Sindh
  383. Muhammad Naeem Salim, student, Quetta
  384. Muhammad Saheto, banker, activist, Larkana
  385. Muhammad Salman Khan, blogger/social worker, Karachi
  386. Mukesh Arora, financial consultant, Meerut
  387. Munizae Jahangir, Aaj TV anchor and executive producer, Pakistan
  388. Murad Futehally, industrialist, Alibaug
  389. Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, Coordinator, Swarajpeeth Trust (Kashmir Chapter) & Founding Trustee, Inspire Me Foundation
  390. D. Pancholi, General Secretary, Citizens For Democracy, India
  391. Jayaram, independent journalist, Bangalore
  392. N. N. Bhatia, writer/author/involved in welfare of war widows and repatriation of Indian/Pakistani POWs from Noida, India. “Let peace & cordial relations prevail in Indus-Ganges civilisation!”
  393. N Madhusudan, theatre activist, Hyderabad, India
  394. Nadeem Anthony, activist, Lahore
  395. Nadeem Khalid, activist, businessman, Karachi
  396. Nadhra Shahbaz Khan, Assistant Professor (Art History), Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore
  397. Lt Col (retd) Nadir Ali, Punjabi writer, Lahore
  398. Nadra Huma Quraishi, Manager Professional Development, educationist, Karachi
  399. Naeema Masood, housewife, Dhirkot, Azad Jammu Kashmir
  400. Najam Sethi, Editor, The Friday Times, Lahore
  401. Najiba Ayubi, journalist, Killid Group, Afghanistan
  402. Nalini Taneja, academician, Delhi
  403. Nancy Adajania, art curator, Mumbai
  404. Nandita Das, actor and filmmaker, Mumbai
  405. Nandita Narain, President, Federation of Central Universities Teachers Associations, New Delhi
  406. Nandu Kamath, General Manager, Gallerie Publishers, Mumbai
  407. Commander Narender Chandola, Engineer and Management Professional from IIT Delhi & IIM Indore, Ex defence officer/Joint Director, Ministry of Defence, Greater Noida (UP), India
  408. Naseer Memon, activist, Islamabad
  409. Naseeruddin Shah, actor, Mumbai
  410. Nasim Zehra, journalist, teacher, TV anchor, Islamabad
  411. Nasima Karim, Co-founder and Focal Point Central Asia at Here We Are, Kyrgyz Republic
  412. Professor Nasreen, Karachi University professor, General History Dept, Karachi
  413. Natasha Javed, Partnership Officer, Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, New York/Lahore
  414. Naved Aslam, actor, Mumbai
  415. Dr Naveed Baloch, pharmacist, activist, Khuzdar
  416. Navjot Altaf, artist, Mumbai
  417. Nayantara Sahgal, writer, India
  418. Neelima Sharma, Nishant Natya March and activist, Delhi
  419. Neena Gopal, Resident Editor, Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore
  420. Nidhi Iyer, freelance photographer, writer, Kolkata
  421. Nidhi Razdan, journalist, India
  422. Nighat Dad, lawyer and activist, Lahore
  423. Nighat Said Khan, Women’s Action Forum Lahore, Founder Member PIFPD
  424. Niharika Awasthi, development communication professional, BBC Media Action, Delhi
  425. Niilofur Farrukh, independent art critic/curator, Karachi
  426. Niketan, software professional, Mumbai
  427. Nileshwar Narayan, student, Patna, India
  428. Nilofar Afridi Qazi, public policy specialist and film maker, Islamabad
  429. Nilova Roychaudhury, journalist, New Delhi
  430. Nitya Jacob, author, New Delhi
  431. Nityanand Jayaraman, writer, social activist, Chennai
  432. Nivedita Jha, freelance journalist, India
  433. Nirupama Subramanian, journalist
  434. Noam Chomsky, institute professor (retired), MIT, Cambridge, MA
  435. Noman Quadri, lawyer, accountant, activist, Karachi
  436. Noorjehan Bilgrami, artist, Karachi
  437. Nuzhat Shirin, law student, member WAF, Karachi
  438. Omang Agarwal, Asia Coordinator, Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, Delhi
  439. Omar Abdullah, Working President, J&K National Conference
  440. Omar Ali MD, associate professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  441. Ovais Sultan Khan, social activist, Delhi
  442. Pamela Philipose, Public Editor, The Wire, New Delhi
  443. Parag Shah, Communications Coordinator, Asia Plateau, Panchgani
  444. Pari Khan, counsellor, London
  445. Parshu Narayanan, advertising professional, Gurgaon
  446. Partha Banerjee, human rights activist, educator, and writer, Kolkatta/New York
  447. Pawan Bali, journalist and filmmaker,
  448. Dr Pervez Hoodhboy, physicist and teacher, Islamabad
  449. Pervez Majeed, journalist, Srinagar, Kashmir
  450. Pervin Sanghvi, development communications consultant, Mumbai
  451. Poorvi Parekh, classical vocalist, Mumbai
  452. Prabhat Patnaik, Professor Emeritus, JNU, New Delhi
  453. Prabodh Parekh, poet, educator, Mumbai
  454. Pramilla Malick, environmental activist, New York
  455. Praveen Singh, convener for Milne Do and Students Right to Accommodation, Delhi
  456. Preeti Krishnamurthy, development professional, Mumbai
  457. Prem Shankar Jha, journalist, columnist, India
  458. Prerna Gupta, student, Mumbai
  459. Priya Sarukkai, poet, Pune
  460. Priyanca Vaishnav, Lead, Content and Communications, IES Entrepreneurship Foundation
  461. Qandeel Fatima, banker, Lahore
  462. Qurat Mirza, Chief Project Coordinator, SPO, Member WAF, Karachi
  463. Qurat-ul Ain, Lee Kuan Yew Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  464. Sriram, corporate consultant, Bangalore
  465. Commander R.V. Singh, retired Indian Navy official, Delhi
  466. Rabbi Shergill, singer, lyricist, New Delhi
  467. Rabeea Arif, Head of Graphic Design, University of Karachi
  468. Rachana Johri, Professor, Ambedkar University, Delhi
  469. Radha Bheel, ED, Radha org, and Chairperson, Dalit Sujag Tahreek, Mirpurkhas
  470. Radhi Parekh, Founder Director, ARTISANS’ Gallery, Mumbai
  471. Radhika Nair, student intern, Noida
  472. Rafia Gulani, activist, Shahdadpur
  473. Rafeeq Ellias, photographer and filmmaker, Mumbai
  474. Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan, Asst. Professor of English, University of Nevada, Reno
  475. Raheel Khursheed, Head of News Partnerships, South Asia & South East Asia at Twitter
  476. Raheem ul Haq, Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Forman Christian College, Lahore
  477. Rahul Baswani, educator, Gurgaon
  478. Rahul Reddy, student, geopolitical analyst, technologist, humanist
  479. Rahul Roy, filmmaker, Gurgaon
  480. Rahul Sahay, advocate, formerly with Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, Delhi
  481. Raj Aaryan, poet/writer, New Delhi
  482. Raja Masood Akhtar, teacher, Dhirkot, Azad Jammu Kashmir
  483. Rajdeep sardesai, Consulting Editor, India Today
  484. Rajinder Arora, designer, New Delhi
  485. Rajmohan Gandhi, writer, India
  486. Rajni Bakshi, journalist and author, Mumbai
  487. Rajni Bhagat, counsellor, Gurgaon
  488. Rakesh Sharma, filmmaker, Mumbai
  489. Raksha Kumar, multimedia journalist, Bangalore
  490. Ram Mohan Rai, advocate and peace activist
  491. Ram Puniyani, Center for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai
  492. Ramanjit Singh, IT professional, Bangalore
  493. Ramesh Oza, journalist, Mumbai
  494. Ramesh Yadav, activist, Amritsar
  495. Raminder Jit Singh, Founder and Director ‘THE – SARA’, Jammu
  496. Ramnik Mohan, Associate Professor (retd), social activist, Haryana
  497. Rani Wahidi, documentary journalist, Quetta
  498. Ranjit Kumar, journalist, Punjab Kesari group, New Delhi
  499. Brig (retd) Rao Abid Hamid, Pakistan India Forum For Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), founder member India Pakistan Soldiers Peace Initiative (IPSI) launched under blessings of Nirmala Deshpande, Lahore
  500. Rashid Mehmood, singer, activist, Karachi
  501. Rashida Dohad, Executive Director, Omar Asghar Khan Foundation, Islamabad
  502. Ratna Pathak Shah, actress, Mumbai
  503. Ravi Das Ranwa, activist, Karachi
  504. Ravi Kiran Jain, President PUCL, India
  505. Ravi Nair, South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre, India
  506. Ravi Nitesh, peace activist, Founder, Aaghaz-e-Dosti
  507. Raza Ali Abidi, activist, Muzaffarabad
  508. Raza Khan, peace activist, Lahore
  509. Raza Habib Raja, PhD student, Syracuse University, USA
  510. Raza Rumi, Editor Daily Times, Cornell University faculty
  511. Raza Syed, journalist, Awaaz multimedia Group
  512. Reema Amin, educationist and peacenik, Lahore
  513. Rekha Rodwittiya, artist, Baroda
  514. Resham Sitara, student, Sialkot
  515. Revathi Siva Kumar, writer and journalist, Bangalore
  516. Rimsha Siddiqi, Assistant Speech Therapist, Karachi
  517. Rita Manchanda, writer, activist, Delhi
  518. Ritu Dewan, President, Indian Association for Women’s Studies, Mumbai
  519. Romila Thapar, historian, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  520. Ruby Chishti, artist, New York
  521. Ruchhita Kazaria, advertiser, Kolkata
  522. Rukhshanda Naz, activist, Peshawar
  523. Rumana Husain, artist, Karachi
  524. Rustam Vania, Academic Dean, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore
  525. G. Vasudev, artist, Bangalore
  526. S. Haroon Ahmed, President, Pakistan Association of Mental Health, Karachi
  527. M. Naseem, development economist, retired professor QAU, Islamabad
  528. Saba Dewan, independent documentary filmmaker, Gurgaon
  529. Saba Hamid, actor, Karachi
  530. Sabahat Javed, motivational speaker/trainer, Abbotabad
  531. Saddam Hussain, student/peace activist, Khuzdar
  532. Sadanand Menon, writer/pedagogue, Chennai
  533. Saeed Ahmed Rid, Assistant Professor, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
  534. Safeer-Ul-Hasnain, banker/activist, Karachi
  535. Safia Bokhari, peace activist, Lahore
  536. Sagarika Ghose, Consulting Editor, Times of India
  537. Dr Sagari Radhika Ramdas, veterinary scientist, Food Sovereignty Alliance, Hyderabad, India
  538. Sahar Alamgir, student and development professional, Islamabad/London
  539. Dr Saif Mahmood Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Founder, South Asian Alliance for Literature, Art and Culture
  540. Saif Samejo, musician/vocalist at The Sketches; producer, Lahooti Live Sessions, Jamshoro, Sindh
  541. Dr Saima Firdoos, physician, Rawalpindi/Boston, former board member APPNE
  542. Saima Hayat, activist, Tehrik-e-Niswan, Karachi
  543. Sajid Hassan, student, Karachi
  544. Sajid Iqbal, research scholar, COMSATS University, Abbottabad
  545. Sajid Javed Afridi, social activist, Founder Of Young Leaders Forum, Khyber Agency, FATA
  546. Sajjad Ahmed Bhutto, politician, businessman, Karachi
  547. Sakuntala Narasimhan, journalist and musician, Bangalore
  548. Saleem Asmi, journalist, former editor Dawn, Pakistan
  549. Salima Hashmi, artist, educator, Lahore
  550. Salima Saleem, registered nurse, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi
  551. Salman Ahmad, polio goodwill ambassador/Rotary international/SGTF, professor of Sufi music, Queens College; founding member of Junoon, USA
  552. Salman Anees Soz, economist, National Media Panelist, Congress Party
  553. Salonie Dua, student, University of Delhi
  554. Samal Shah, yoga instructor, Mumbai
  555. Saman Jafri, parliamentarian, Karachi
  556. Samana Malaika Raza, activist, Islamabad
  557. Samar Jodha, artist, educator, New Delhi
  558. Samarth Das, architect, Mumbai
  559. Sameer Khan, social activist, Gilgit-Baltistan
  560. Samia Ahmad, teacher, Karachi
  561. Samiksha Raorane, Manager, Global Foundation, Mumbai
  562. Samina Ahmad, President, SSGWI; Manager, Junoon; Holistic Health expert, NY, USA
  563. Samina Ahmed, actor, producer, Karachi
  564. Samina Rahman, educationalist/human rights activist,
  565. Samir Gupta, IT professional
  566. Sana Gulzar, Chairperson, Chapirchal, Peshawar
  567. Sanna Ejaz, peace activist/journalist, Peshawar
  568. Sanna Palsule, behavioral scientist, Cambridge/Mumbai
  569. Sandeep Pandey, teacher and social activist, Socialist Party, India
  570. Sanjay Kapoor, Editor, Hardnews Magazine
  571. Sanjay Nagral, surgeon, author, Mumbai
  572. Sanjay Nahar, author, activist, Pune
  573. Sanjay Rajoura, stand up comic, Delhi
  574. Saqib-Ul-Hasnain, student, activist, Larkana
  575. Sarah Riaz Awan, Core Member, Hum Sub Aik Hain
  576. Sarica Palsule, university graduate, Cambridge, UK
  577. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, filmmaker, actor, Lahore
  578. Saroj Nagi, freelance journalist, New Delhi
  579. Saroj Razdan, journalist, India
  580. Sarwar Bari, activist, Islamabad
  581. Dr Saraswathy Ganapathy, doctor/community health activist, Bangalore
  582. Satish Gupta, artist, New Delhi
  583. Satish Mishra, journalist, New Delhi
  584. Satyapaul, Secretary General, South Asian Fraternity
  585. Saumya Aggarwal, Co-founder, Youth for Peace International, Delhi
  586. Saumya Balsari, author, Cambridge, UK
  587. Seema Anil Sehgal, peace singer, also known as ‘Bulbul e Kashmir’, Jammu/Mumbai
  588. Seema Guha, journalist, New Delhi
  589. Seema Mustafa, Editor, The Citizen, Delhi
  590. Seema Rana, rights activist, Karachi
  591. Seema Sheikh, member Womens Action Forum, Karachi
  592. Sehba Farooqui, Democratic Human Rights Network, Delhi
  593. Sehba Sarwar, independent writer/Artistic Director, Voices Breaking Boundaries, Pasadena CA/Karachi
  594. Sehyr Mirza, independent journalist, Lahore
  595. Sevanti Ninan, journalist, New Delhi
  596. Shabana Arif, activist, Islamabad
  597. Advocate Shabana Nasim, lawyer/activist, Lahore
  598. Shabnam Hashmi, social activist, Delhi
  599. Shaheryar Azhar, retired international banker; moderator and editor The Forum political blog, Karachi
  600. Shahida Afzal, activist, Quetta
  601. Shahvaar Ali Khan, actor, writer, musician, adman, Lahore
  602. Shahzad Ahmad, activist, Islamabad
  603. Shamin Gulzar, Chairperson, Umeed Partnership Pakistan, Lahore
  604. Shamsul Islam, scholar, peace activist, Delhi
  605. Sharmistha Ray, artist, Mumbai/New York
  606. Shashi Deshpande, writer, Bangalore
  607. Shastri Ramachandaran, independent journalist and international publications consultant, India
  608. Sheba Chhachhi, artist, New Delhi
  609. Sheema Kermani, activist, Director Tehrik-e-Niswan
  610. Sheen Farrukh, writer, journalist, Editor, Inter Press Communication, Karachi
  611. Sheharyar Rizwan, journalist, Lahore
  612. Shehnaz Ismail, Professor Emeritus, Indus Valley School of Art and Design, Karachi
  613. Shehryar Sarwar, writer, Ottawa, Canada
  614. Air Vice Marshal (retd) Shehzad Chaudhry, analyst, Islamabad
  615. Sheikh Manzoor, journalist, New Delhi
  616. Shilpa Gupta, artist, Mumbai
  617. Shiraz Hassan, journalist, Islamabad
  618. Shireen Aijaz, member, Women’s Action Forum, and journalist, Karachi
  619. Shireen Gandhi, gallerist, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai
  620. Shireen Pasha, Berlin Bureau Chief, Dhaka Tribune, Germany
  621. Shivam Vij, journalist, Delhi
  622. Shoaib Hashmi, retired writer, director, educator, Lahore
  623. Shobhna Jain, journalist, New Delhi
  624. Shrenik Mutha, independent activist and poet, Pune
  625. Shreya Jani, Managing Trustee, STEP Trust, Delhi
  626. Shri Prakash, filmmaker, teacher, Ranchi, India
  627. Shruti Arora (Achesh), theater educator
  628. Shruti Ganapatye, The Asian Age, Mumbai
  629. Shruti Kedia, independent journalist, Bangalore
  630. Shubha Mudgal, artist, India
  631. Shubha Singh, columnist, New Delhi
  632. Shubhasini Chalam, entrepreneur, Bangalore
  633. Shujaat Bukhari, Editor-in-Chief, Rising Kashmir
  634. Shuma Raha, journalist, India
  635. Shweta Singh, educator, New Delhi
  636. Sibtay Hassan Haider, graduate student of Urban Planning and Gender, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
  637. Siddharth Narrain, legal researcher, Delhi
  638. Siddharth Varadarajan, Founding Editor
  639. Sidra Saeed, activist, Islamabad
  640. Simantini Dhuru, educationist and filmmaker, Mumbai
  641. Sini Nair, Educator, Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai
  642. Sitara Rafiq, M.Phil scholar, Gender and Development studies, Lahore
  643. Smita Sahay, writer, poet and social entrepreneur, Accio Health, Mumbai
  644. Smruti Divate, publisher, Mumbai
  645. Sohail Abid, Founder, Folk Punjab, Lahore
  646. Sohail Malik, Cloud professional, IBM, Dallas, Texas
  647. Sonali Huria, PhD student, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  648. Soonha Abro, writer, director, Zabaan Writers’ Collective, Karachi
  649. Soumya Dutta, convenor, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha, India
  650. Sristhi Chauhan, Fellow, Teach for India, Delhi
  651. Steven Crabtree, land conservation volunteer, lived in Calcutta, Lahore and Karachi in the 1970s; Maine, USA
  652. Subhi Dhupar, Regional Coordinator, United Religions Initiative, New Delhi
  653. Subrat Kumar Behera, artist, Baroda
  654. Sudeep Sen, poet, New Delhi
  655. Sudha Ramachandran, independent researcher and journalist, Bangalore
  656. Sudhanshu Palsule, Leadership Consultant, academic at Cambridge, UK
  657. Major General Sudhir Vombatkere, National Alliance of Peoples Movements (NAPM), Mysuru, India
  658. Suhasini Mulay, actress, Mumbai
  659. Sumaia Akbari, student at Bamyan University, working with GFA consultancy group as Monitoring & Evaluation Manager at Bamyan, Afghanistan
  660. Sumaira Ishfaq, activist, Jhelum
  661. Sumesh Sharma, curator, Mumbai
  662. Sumit Chakravartty, Editor, Mainstream, New Delhi
  663. Suneeta Dhar, activist, India
  664. Sunil Gawde, artist, Mumbai
  665. Sunit Arora, journalist, India
  666. Suraj Katra, photographer, Associate Communications, Teach For India
  667. Suraya Islam, Coordinator of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Karachi
  668. Surendran Nair, artist, Baroda
  669. Surinder Joginder Singh, Jeolikote, Uttaranchal
  670. Sushobha Barve, Executive Secretary, Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation, Delhi
  671. Swara Bhaskar, actor, Mumbai
  672. Swarna Rajagopalan, independent scholar and Managing Trustee, Prajnya, Chennai
  673. Swati Bhattacharjee, journalist, Kolkata
  674. Swati Sharan, writer/publisher, Hamilton, Canada
  675. Syed Abdul Latif, businessman, Rabwah
  676. Syed Farid Maharaj, Gaddi Nashin, Dargah Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer Sharif
  677. Syed Ghazanfar Abbas, Correspondent, India Tomorrow News
  678. Syed Harir Shah, disaster management practitioner, Chitral
  679. Syed Jarrar Shah, business professional, Lahore
  680. Syed Khawar Latif, student and peace activist, Rabwah
  681. Syed Mudassir Shah, student, Haleem Campus School, Lahore
  682. Syeda Afshana, columnist and media teacher, Srinagar
  683. Dr Syeda Hameed, Founder and Present Chair Muslim Womens Forum, New Delhi, India
  684. Syeda Shiwal Raza, student, University of the Punjab, Lahore
  685. M. Krishna, musician, writer/author, public speaker, Magsaysay Awardee, Chennai
  686. R. Raghunandan, co-Founder, Avantika Foundation, consultant on decentralised public governance, anti-corruption and heritage preservation, Bangalore
  687. Taimur ul Kamal, activist, Peshawar
  688. Taimur Rahman, Laal music band, Assistant Professor LUMS, Lahore
  689. Talat Rahim, writer, Karachi
  690. Lt Gen (retd) Talat Masood, defence analyst, Pakistan. “It is high time the two countries made sincere attempts at normalising their relations and behaving as mature neighbors.”
  691. Talha Rathore, artist, New York
  692. Tanuja, event planner, Bangalore
  693. Tanveer Jahan, activist, Lahore
  694. Tanvir Masood, filmmaker, former producer with PTV Lahore
  695. Tapan Kumar Bose, Secretary General, South Asia Forum for Human Rights
  696. Tanzeela Mazhar, journalist, Pakistan
  697. Dr Tariq Rahman, Dean School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences/Education, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore
  698. Tarique Hussain, lecturer, Nawabshah
  699. Tayyaba Hasan, Professor, Harvard Medical School
  700. Tej Kaul, Executive President of India Pakistan Soldiers Initiative for Peace (IPSI)
  701. Tripta Wahi, social activist and retd Associate Professor, University of Delhi
  702. Tulika Bathija, educator, Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai
  703. Tunty Chauhan, Director, Threshold Gallery, New Delhi
  704. SP Udaya Kumar, activist, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
  705. Uma Chakravarti, historian, academician and filmmaker, Delhi
  706. Uma Sudhir, Resident Editor, NDTV
  707. Umair Vahidy, Dil Say Pakistan
  708. Umar Azad, blogger, Larkana
  709. Umber Khairi, Producer, BBC
  710. Umer Abdur Rehman Janjua, columnist and author, Islamabad
  711. Umer Ali, journalist, Islamabad
  712. Umer Farooq, student, Lahore
  713. Urvashi Butalia, Director, Zubaan Publishers Pvt Ltd
  714. Urwah Sultana, Voice Society for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Lahore
  715. Usha Gawde, art practitioner, Mumbai
  716. Usha Raman, Professor, University of Hyderabad, India
  717. Uzma Noorani, activist, Co-Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Karachi
  718. Vaibhav Arora, marketing professional, Delhi
  719. Vaishali Patil, activist, Raigad, India
  720. Vaishali Jethava, Program Coordinator, The Blue Ribbon Movement, India
  721. Vaishnavi, writer and filmmaker, Founder, Women Making Films India
  722. Vani Rijhwani, environment research student, Delhi
  723. Vasanth Kannabiran, writer and activist, Hyderabad, India
  724. Vasvi Kejriwal, student, Queen Mary University, London
  725. Ved Pratap Vaidik, journalist and peace activist, New Delhi
  726. Veer Munshi, artist, New Delhi
  727. Veejay Sai, writer, culture critic, Delhi
  728. Vibhuti Narain Rai, former policeman and writer, India
  729. Vidya Kamat, artist, Mumbai
  730. Vijay Deshpande Satara, Maharashtra State Freedom Fighters Successors Organisation and Indo-Pak Friendship Forum, Satara District
  731. Vijay Naik, Convenor, Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents, New Delhi
  732. Vijay Satokar, consultant, Press Trust of India, New Delhi
  733. Vinay Nagaraju, Edward S. Mason Fellow and MPA Candidate 2017, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  734. Vinayak Rajasekhar, Editor-in-Chief,
  735. Vineeta Pandey, The Pioneer newspaper, New Delhi
  736. Vinita Agrawal, author, Mumbai
  737. Vinod Sharma, Regional President, South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA), New Delhi
  738. Vinod Varshney, journalist, New Delhi
  739. Vipul Rikhi, writer and singer, Bangalore
  740. Vipul Shaha, educator, Krishnamurti Foundation of India, Pune
  741. Viraj Singh, cinematographer, Mumbai
  742. Virginia Whiles, Art Historian, London
  743. Virendra Sahai Verma, India-Pakistan Soldiers’ Initiative for Peace India Chapter
  744. Wagma Feroz, Chairperson, Da Torsaro Saadar, Peshawar
  745. Waheed Ali Joyo, actor, Karachi
  746. Waheeda Mahesar, Director, SZABIST ZABTech, Member, WAF Karachi
  747. Wajid Shamsul Hassan, former Pakistani diplomat, London
  748. Waqas Halim, Director, Center for Technology in Education, Information Technology University, Lahore
  749. Waqas Khwaja, Ellen Douglass Leyburn Professor of English, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
  750. Waseem Ahmed, auditor, Karachi
  751. Yaqoob Khan Bangash, Director, Centre for Governance and Policy, IT University, Lahore
  752. Yashvi Gada, student, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  753. Yasmeen Kazi, Professor of Paediatrics, Karachi
  754. Yasser Hashmi, educator, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore
  755. Yemuna, educationist, Hoshangabad
  756. Yogesh Mathuria, peace warrior, World School of Happiness, Pune
  757. Yousuf Saeed, filmmaker, writer, New Delhi
  758. Yuki Ellias, actor, Mumbai
  759. Yusuf Mehta, filmmaker, Mumbai
  760. Yuvraj Mohite, journalist, Mumbai
  761. Zahira Khattak, activist, Islamabad
  762. Zaibun Nisa Hussain, teacher, ACE International Academy, Rawalpindi
  763. Zain Alavi, Non-Executive Chairman, Muller and Phipps Pakistan Pvt Ltd
  764. Zakia Sarwar, teacher trainer, Founder Member, Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers
  765. Zalla Khattak, freelance consultant, Islamabad
  766. Zar Ali Khan Afridi, Chairman, FATA Commission of Human Rights
  767. Zar Bano Kohyar, social worker, feminist, Karachi
  768. Zarminae Ansari, architect, writer, publisher, Joy of Urdu, Karachi/Paris
  769. Zeeshan Majeed, entrepreneur, Kolkata
  770. Zehra Arshad, activist, Islamabad
  771. Zehra Shah, activist, Karachi
  772. Zia Ur Rehman, journalist, Karachi
  773. Zia Mian, physicist, Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University, Princeton
  774. Ziad Zafar, journalist, Karachi
  775. Zohaib Karim, Co-founder and Lead Strategist at MentHub, Karachi
  776. Zohra Yusuf, Council Member, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Karachi
  777. Zunaira Qayum Ali, student, Forman Christian College University, Lahore


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