India’s top court gives voters right to reject all candidates

Eurasia News

NEW DELHI: India’s top court on Friday gave voters right to reject all candidates contesting in elections, asking the Election Commission to make changes in voting machines and ballot papers, giving voters a “none of the above” choice, Dispatch News Desk reported.

“Democracy is all about choices and voters will be empowered by this right of negative voting,” a bench of the Indian Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice P. Sathasivam said in its judgment after hearing a petition by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, a non-profit group.

“Negative voting will send a clear signal to political parties and candidates as to what the voters think about them,” Sathasivam added.

The Chief Justice Sathasivam said the right to reject choice will “foster purity in electoral politics”.

It is pertinent to mention that India’s next general elections for the 16th Lok Sabha are scheduled to be held by May next year as the current 15th Lok Sabha will complete its constitutional term on May 31, 2014.