Indian opposition denounces Pakistan’s parliament resolution on Kashmir

Eurasia News

NEW DELHI: The Indian opposition on Thursday denounced a resolution unanimously passed by Pakistani lawmakers, reiterating their moral‚ political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people in their struggle against the Indian rule, Indian media reported.

The resolution moved in Pakistan’s National Assembly, the lower house of the parliament, impressed upon the Indian government to include the Kashmiri people in Pakistan-India dialogue process as they are the genuine party in the dispute. It also strongly condemned human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and demanded of the Indian government to respect the human rights of Kashmiri peoples.

“The question is not what Islamabad is doing, the question is what New Delhi is doing to hold back Pakistan from indulging in this mischief from time to time and why the Congress-led government is silent over the resolution,” said Jitendra Singh, the Indian main opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national executive member and the party’s chief spokesman in the state.

Singh said that the resolution by Pakistan’s National Assembly was not only a violation of the accepted norms of diplomacy but also a blatant interference in India’s internal affairs.

“It is surprising why India’s ministry of external affairs has failed to take a position on the issue,” Singh said.