Indian intelligence agency RAW behind suicide attacks on churches in Pakistan

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Monitoring Desk: Indian intelligence agency RAW is behind suicide attacks on two churches in Lahore Pakistan on Sunday, claims daily Mail newspaper from Islamabad.

According to daily mail, RAW-TTP Network carried out suicide bombing at a Christian locality in Lahore to shift the anti-Christianly focus of the world from India towards Pakistan.

These investigations indicate that there has never been any anti-Christian or anti-Christianity tirade or sentiment amongst the TTP or its allied terror groups and they never gave any statement against Christians or Christianity as a policy, though they did carry out some attacks on churches as part of their pre-organized terror campaign against Pakistan and Pakistanis. However, on the other side, India had come to limelight for the global community, especially the nations from the West with Christian majority for the constant violence against the Christians, especially coming to power of the Narendra Modi lead government of Hindu extremists. The plight of Christians across India that included the forced conversions of Christians into Hindu, bashing former Christian Human Rights worker Mother Teresa and ransacking and desecration of Churches during the past few months across India, rose to the maximum when a 71-year old Christian Nun was raped brutally on Saturday by the goons of extremist Hindu group the Bajran Dal who consider preaching of Christianity by Christian priests and preachers as a blasphemous act against Hindu gods.

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