Indian girl travels to Pakistan with fake passport to meet lover

Eurasia News

LAHORE: An Indian girl arrived in Lahore with a fake Pakistani passport to meet a person with whom she had fallen in love, but the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested the girl and later deported her.

Nagita Ramesh, in her 20s and hailing from Indian Gujarat state, arrived at Lahore international airport from Doha to meet a Multan resident Azhar with whom she had fallen in love after meeting on a social networking website.

“She had come in an early morning flight. We detained her after checking her documents and eventually deported her back to Doha,” an immigration official said.

Ramesh told the investigation officers that she fell in love with Azhar after interacting with him on social media, adding that she had converted to Islam. The passport she was travelling with identified her as Nimra.

The investigation officers also interrogated Azhar, who had come to the airport to receive her, before allowing him to return to Multan.

“As per the law, we cannot arrest her. We deport all persons who come in with fake papers,” the immigration official said.