India unblocks Russian social network “VKontakte”

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Mumbai, India: Telecommunication authorities of India have unblocked Russian social network “VKontakte” on Tuesday which was blocked in India in September 2017 for spreading deadly game “Blue Whale”.

The decision of unblocking Russian social media application was announced here today (November 14, 2017) after successful negotiation between the management and Indian Telecommunication Authority. Negotiations were arranged by Russian Embassy in India.

India unblocks Russian social network "VKontakte"
India unblocks Russian social network “VKontakte”

On Tuesday, November 14, in India, the social network Vkontakte was unblocked. Local providers in September 2017 began blocking access to the Russian social network. This was due to the demands of the authorities of India to remove any references to the game “Blue Whale”, which can lead to suicides for the participants. We have removed all pages and links spreading or promoting “Blue Whale”. The decision of removing pages providing access to “Blue Whale” is taken in accordance with the decision of Supreme Court of India for complete prohibition of the game in the territory of India”, stated Vkontakte administration in a presser released to Indian media.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo have already removed links to the “Blue Whale”.

“Representatives of the Russian Embassy in India helped to contact the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technologies of India, representatives of the social network described in detail all the tools and measures to ensure the safety of users,” the press service of Vkontakte reported.