India launches 4th Generation Warfare against Pakistan

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India launches 4th Generation Warfare against Pakistan

India launches 4th Generation Warfare against Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: “Overexcited and overambitious India launched 4th/ 5th Generation Warfare against Pakistan with the active help of other actors in the region including National Directorate of Security (NDS) of Afghanistan but now India is facing defeat with every passing day because Pakistan as a Nation stood against terrorism—the GW4 launched by India.

4th Generation Warfare that is known as 4GW is conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics with an imposing characteristic that enemy proposes and promotes a specific philosophy and narrative accepted by masses and religion is usually used for such philosophy.

It is interesting to mention that fourth-generation warfare is normally characterized by a violent non-state actor (VNSA) fighting a state. In this realm, the VNSA uses all three levels of fourth generation warfare. These are the physical (actual combat; it is considered the least important), mental (the will to fight, belief in victory, etc.,) and moral (the most important, this includes cultural norms, etc.) levels.

A 4GW enemy has the following characteristics: lack of hierarchical authority, lack of formal structure, patience and flexibility, ability to keep a low profile when needed, and small size. A 4GW adversary might use the tactics of an insurgent, terrorist or guerrilla in order to wage war against a nation’s infrastructure. Fourth generation warfare takes place on all fronts: economical, political, the media, military, and civilian. Another characteristic of fourth-generation warfare is that VNSA’s forces are decentralized there may even be no single organisation and that smaller groups organize into spontaneous alliances to target a bigger threat.

This Warfare used by India through radical outfits like Tehrik-i-Taliban had a clear ideological narrative and an aspiration to destroy Pakistan. By design, TTP wanted only destruction because it was impossible to defeat one of the strongest army.

India is trying to impose its hegemony in the region therefore it is making sour relations with its all neighbors including Pakistan and China.

Indian is engaged in reckless and senseless collection of war gadgets and weaponry race that always results in weaponry imbalance in the region and then Pakistan has to act to protect its defence requirements”.

These were observations of participants of one of the most popular PTV Current Affairs show “Khabar Kay Sath Sath” while discussing the address of President Mamnoon Hussain at the ceremony of 134th Long Course Passing Out Parade at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA Kakool).

The show was hosted and anchored by Tariq Mehmood Chaudhary  on Monday April 18 while senior journalists Rana Qaisar and Agha Iqrar Haroon were present as experts while Mazhar Khan Mughal drew live caricature in the show.

Participants of the show maintained that national political leadership unanimously agreed on NAP to eliminate extremism and terrorism from the country and it is about time the international community should acknowledged the sacrifices of the Pakistani nation and its security forces to ensure regional and global peace and stability.