India celebrates imaginary “Surgical Strike” over Pakistan, reports Eurasian News Desk

Eurasia News

Moscow, Russia: Indians are celebrating first anniversary of  self-proclaimed and imaginary “Surgical Strike” over Pakistan, reports Russian media.

Russian media reported that one should appreciate systematic campaign by Indians to justify an imaginary surgical strike over Pakistan that never happened in reality but future readers and researchers while browsing World Wide Web could accept that there were some surgical strikes over Pakistan way back in September 2016. Russian experts and military authorities refused to accept Indian claims in September 2016 that it had conducted surgical strikes inside Pakistan.

Pertinent to remember that India failed to provide tangible and credible facts to justify its claim and Russian military experts called Indian claim as “bogus” and self-imaginary.

According to Eurasian News, psychologists believe that a schizophrenic person has a quality of compelling normal people to believe something that actually does not exist. A schizophrenic person can tell people that he had been granted spiritual powers of healing people from divine sources and he/she repeats claim constantly and loudly thereby sometimes he/she is successful and people start believing his/her illogical version. Psychologists believe that perfect propaganda campaigns use this element of schizophrenia, making difficulty for people for distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary.

One can find several articles in Indian online media published during the last two days including eight articles of same nature in one online portal.

A former Indian General Lieutenant General Harcharanjit Singh Panag (Retired) write an article titled “Surgical strikes were well executed, but aimed at appeasing a domestic audience”.

Lieutenant General Harcharanjit Singh Panag (Retired) who was GOC-in-C, Northern Command and GOC-in-C, Central Command. He retired on 31 December 2008. On 22 June 2009, after his retirement from the Indian Army, he was appointed as an Administrative Member of the Armed Forces Tribunal, Chandigarh Bench.

Since Lieutenant General Harcharanjit Singh Panag knows that there was no “surgical Strike” and nothing tangible was present to justify and provide as witness, therefore he said in his article that the import of the ‘surgical strikes’ launched by the Special Forces on night of 28-29 September, 2016, was not in the number of enemy casualties and the infrastructure destroyed or the depth and frontage of the operation or the type of weapons used. It is pertinent to mentioned that India failed to provide anything tangible like dead bodies, photos of destroyed Pakistani posts etc etc therefore Harcharanjit Singh Panag through his article provided a safe passage for India for future readers who could questions and demand tangible facts about self-assumed surgical strike over Pakistan.

Harcharanjit Singh Panag claims in his article that self-proclaimed surgical strike was actually the declaration of India’s intent for dealing with the proxy war perpetrated by Pakistan and he lauded Modi government for adopting narrative of surgical strike against Pakistan.

Lieutenant General Harcharanjit Singh Panag (Retired) who was GOC-in-C, Northern Command believes that surgical strikes should actually be a part of Indian National Defence narrative while forgetting that any misadventure and miscalculation from Indian site would actually place this region housing over 1.5 billion people over the risk of atomic engagement because Pakistan would not pass such adventurism without aggressive response.

Pakistani media believes that so many articles of similar mindset in India media indicates that New Delhi plans to push this region to instability and wishes a volatile situation for gaining many targets including attempting to seize robust growth of China and its flagship project—