IKEA recalls 17 million servings of lasagna as pork traces found

Eurasia News

Brussels:  Responding strong reaction and outcry from Jewish community, new lasagne has been taken away from market as it has trace of pork—a forbidden item for practicing Jewish and Muslims, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND).

The product has been called back and taken away from store, café stores and super markets. Company representative Tina Kardum confirmed that company got information and decided pick away item and products were sent to the Belgian laboratory for confirmation.

Previous sales lasagna was bought from the manufacturer semis, which, in turn, will forward the charges to the suppliers of meat. About 10 tons of lasagna has been made by the Swedish plant.

Moose meat is very popular at home furniture giant, although not too often this ingredient is included in the Mediterranean dishes like lasagna. Now the sale of this extraordinary product suspended in 18 stores in Europe.

IKEA has previously withdrew batch of meatballs and other meat products sold in cafes and frozen in the grocery departments. Then tests showed that they contained traces of horse meat. The Swedish company has become just one of the many European companies involved in the scandal because of the unsuitability of the inscriptions on the packaging.