ICTP appreciates Nigeria to introduce tourist Visa cards

Eurasia News

Madrid, Spain: The world tourism market is appreciating Nigeria for taking exceptionally innovative measures in the field of tourism and the including the introduction of tourist Visa cards to ease the burden of tourists carrying cash. International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) considers this development a new chapter in the history of African tourism and maintained that another step of Nigerian tourism authorities to introduce biometric registration system for the tourism industry workers will help to build a better tourism industry workforce. In a press statement released in Madrid, Spain, a co-founder of the internationally-acclaimed body, Mr. Alain St.Ange also commended Nigeria for its efforts at curbing fraudulent tendencies in the industry. Mr. Alain St.Ange, who is also a member of the ICTP Executive Board, lauded these efforts at repositioning the tourism industry in Nigeria with international standards and best practices. “We in ICTP are very pleased with these developments and innovations in Nigeria. We believe these new products are good for tourism growth in the continent,” Minister St.Ange said. Accordingly, the ICTP is encouraging other countries in Africa to do what Nigeria has done for the growth of tourism in their countries.