Horsemeat scandal: New cases surfacing and now Bulgarians find horsemeat in beef products labels

Eurasia News

Moscow: Horsemeat scandal is not over as new cases are surfacing from Eastern Europe and now Bulgarians have found horsemeat in beef products labels. Authorities are only checking horse DNA in products of beef but it is quite possible that pork is also being sold mixed with beef, reports Dispatch News desk (DND).

According to Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, the results of tests on the first 25 samples of products produced in Bulgaria and sent for testing for the presence of horsemeat found it in four samples had horsemeat.

Agency released its report last night (March 12 2013). This represented four products from two meat-processing plants, the agency said. The agency is investigating the suppliers to identify the offender.

As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria has sent 100 samples for DNA analysis, to be completed by the end of March 2013, to establish the illicit presence of horsemeat.

The products are not dangerous for human consumption, however, all available batches being recalled because the products mislead consumers, the agency said.