Hamid Mir in trouble again: Pakistani TV anchor feels insecure in country

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Pakistani TV anchor feels insecure in country

hamid mir joining bbc news

Monitoring Desk: One of the top anchors of Pakistan Hamid Mir may join UK based Television–most probably BBC News.

Hamid Mir who was shot and wounded last year in Karachi believes that people who were allegedly behind an attack on him are compelling him to leave Pakistan as well as to depart from Geo News to resolve issues of Geo News with certain quarters in Pakistani establishment.

Sources claim that negotiation of Hamid Mir are underway with BBC authorities to join as political analyst and he will also teach in UK based university as resource person.

Sources believe that Hamid Mir and owner of Geo News have already reached to an agreement to resolve issues so Mir will leave Pakistan and join BBC News London.

In a recent interview with international media Mir indicated that there were similarities between attack on his life last year and killing of right activist Sabeen Mahmud who was gunned down in Karachi last week– the same city where Hamid was attacked.

In one of his interview with BBC Urdu, Hamid Mir maintained that he was being pressurized to leave Pakistan.