Greek Referendum says No to EU bully

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Greek Referendum says No to EU bully

Monitoring Desk: Greek people finally said No to any bully coming from European Union in a historic move of holding referendum in the country, reports Dispatch News Desk news agency.

Greek Referendum says No to EU bully

Greece became first country to defy European Union instruction over austerity campaign when Greek people said No to new EU proposed bailout.

The outcome of the Greek referendum caused a sharp drop in the euro on Monday, reported RT Russia. It may be mentioned that the euro fell 1.4 percent against the US dollar to $1.0955, and 2.1 percent against the yen to 133.50 yen.

Greek government that came in power by raising slogan against constant financial bully by European Union, called referendum on Sunday and asked Greek people to decide whether the government should accept harsh economical conditions offered by EU for new financial bailout or not. 84% voted counted yet, indicated that Greek people have rejected new bailout as 64% out of 84% voted counted said No for new bailout if it comes with harsh economical conditions and news austerity campaign.

Greek Referendum official results

European Union leaders have strongly reacted on the decision of Greek government to hold referendum in the country—calling the referendum against the norms of EU traditions. Strongest reaction came from German Finance Minister Sigmar Gabriel who said that the results of the referendum had “torn down the last bridges on which Greece and Europe could have moved towards a compromise.”

Sigmar Gabriel criticized Greek government and said:

“Tsipras and his government are leading the Greek people on a path of bitter abandonment and hopelessness”.

There are fears that Greek and European Union may have separate political paths after this referendum because Greek referendum can instigate other weak countries of EU to follow this tradition of asking their people whether they should accept EU decision regarding financial health of their countries or not. Greek-EU contra is becoming a test case how far EU can press any country for austerity campaigns and how far a country is ready to accept EU economical decisions and designs. Greek people believe that EU bureaucracy is ballooning and eating billion of euros on their service structure and salaries while weaker EU countries are pushed to take last bread from the mouths of people.