Secrets of Iconic show “Gossip Girls” and its reboot

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Things About The Iconic Gossip Girls You Probably Didn’t Know!

The ‘IT Girl’ Serena, the ‘Queen B’ Blaire, the ‘Bad Boy’ Chuck, the ‘Pretty Boy’ Nate, and the ‘Lonely Boy’ Dan were once the stars of the entertainment industry. We are sure you must have already guessed; we are talking about the Gossip Girls here. This show is one of the legendary shows of all time and is still loved by many. Apart from all the names we have mentioned, there was a crazy blogger who knew all the secrets of these elite, privileged kids and was always out and about to reveal them. Talking about fancy lifestyle, Here is an article about Luxury pens by PensDistrict that you might be interested in.

Let’s take a look at some of the iconic secrets of the Gossip Girls you might be aware of:

The ‘Unexpected’ Reboot

Gossip Girl was set to come up with a grand reboot this year. Unfortunately, it has been delayed until 2021, because the production hasn’t even started owing to the circumstances. Now you must think that it is a good thing you will be able to see the crazy drama once more. However, none of the originals – Serena, Blaire, Nate, Dan, Chuck – will be coming together for this reboot. The only original character is the voice of the Gossip Girl. What sort of a reboot will it be?

Extreme Audience Obsession

While the Gossip Girl was and still is extremely hit among the teens and the young audience, when the production was being done throughout the New York, people would go crazy at the sight of the originals. At times, the team had to pull out these celebrities, because people went gaga at just a glimpse of them. Well, this isn’t something one will be shocked about. Seems fair enough.

High-end Designer Labels

Right now, it might not look like a big deal. But back in 2007, for a show that has just started the high-end designer labels were a big deal. Even the uniforms these girls used to wear had pins over $1500. This is where the part of the obsession with the show began. The show featured designers like Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, and Chanel among others. By the second season, half the designers across the US and beyond were going desperate over their clothes to be featured in the show.

Blake & Penn’s Secret Dating

Blake and Penn dated secretly behind the scenes for more than three years. The couple sort of succeeded in keeping a wrap on their relationship, but it went public later on. However, as we all know, the duo didn’t work out.