Gharidah Farooqui is innocent, believe Lahore Police

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Gharidah Farooqui is innocent, believe Lahore Police

Lahore, Pakistan: Officials of Lahore Police believe that a Pakistani Television anchor Gharidah Farooqui is innocent therefore no further legal action is needed against Gharidah Farooqui after the recovery of girl maid namely Sonia from her (Gharidah Farooqui) residence on court orders on Monday July 24, 2017.

It is pertinent to mentioned that staff of police station Sundar Lahore recovered a teenage domestic worker (maid) from the residence of anchorperson Gharidah Farooqui after receiving court orders on Monday July 24, 2017.

The court orders were released by the Additional District and Sessions Judge Hafeezur Rehman Chaudhry while entertaining a habeas corpus petition by father of maid namely Sonia.

Petitioner Muhammad Anwar from district of Nankana of Pakistani Punjab requested recovery of his daughter from the resident of Pakistani television anchor Gharidah Farooqui. The petitioner alleged that the anchor had not allowed his daughter to see her family for the last six months and kept her in illegal detention.

The court was pleaded to direct the police to recover the detainee from the illegal and improper custody of the anchorperson and produce her in the court.

In his petition, he submitted/alleged that the life of his daughter was in danger, if she was not removed from the possession of the respondent anchorperson Gharidah Farooqui. Petitioner pleaded to the court that if she (maid Sonia) was not recovered, she would suffer an irreparable loss and injury, the petitioner said making impatient request to the judge to order police to have his daughter released from the illegal detention.

On hearing the petition, Additional District and Sessions Judge Hafeezur Rehman Chaudhry directed the Station House Officer (SHO) of Sundar Police to recover the detainee and produce her before the court. Maid Sonia was recovered from the residence of the television anchorperson and was produced to the court.

Meanwhile, recordings of phone calls those are allegedly referring discussion between television anchorperson and a woman named Shazia had appeared on social media in which Shazia and television anchor Gharidah Farooqui  discussed the issue of  maid girl while Shazia during telephonic conversation accused television anchor Gharidah Farooqui  for torturing maid Sonia and refusing her an opportunity to go on leave or to meet with her parents in privacy.

Meanwhile a daily newspaper from Lahore namely Daily Pakistan reported that television anchor Gharidah Farooqui was not available for her comment despite of trying to contact her.

Police officials believe that television anchor Gharidah Farooqui is innocent because she (television anchor Gharidah Farooqui) does not know that keeping the maid against her will (consent) was illegal. Police also believe that television anchor Gharidah Farooqui does not know stopping any person to leave a job on his or her will (consent) is illegal.

Lahore Police say that parents of girl Sonia wanted her (Sonia) recovery that has been executed on court orders therefore there is no need for any further investigation or action against Gharidah Farooqui from whose resident the girl was recovered through court orders.

Domestic servants issue has become important in Pakistan due to cases reported for abuse of domestic servants and a Member of Parliament from Pakistani Punjab is at large after a dead body of domestic servant was recovered from her residence. Autopsy report indicated that maid boy was died of torture. Lahore Police is yet to arrest this Member of provincial Assembly of Punjab. According to an estimate, there are 8.5 million domestic workers in Pakistan and majority of them are women and girls.