German Ambassador in Pakistan donates Rs.1 million as charity

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German Ambassador in Pakistan donates Rs.1.0 million as charity
German Ambassador donates Rs.1.0 million as charity in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The handing over ceremony of donations collected from the Christmas Bazaar 2014, took place on Wednesday at German embassy. Ambassador Dr. Cyril Nun donated sum of 1.0 million rupees among the seven organizations, reports official news agency of Pakistan.

To provide better accommodation for F.C.Gards, deployed from Pakistan for the security of the Embassy’s premises, the part of donation was handed over to the FC Security Officials. The ambassador said FC team is living in a tent camp side on the diplomatic Enclave in primitive tents, which don’t offer sufficient shelter from rain, freezing temperatures or mud. With the donation of the German Christmas Bazaar the FC guards can purchase new and better tents, which will improve their living situation a great deal.

Similarly a school under Al-Firdous Welfare Association was started 14 years ago by a lady who had lived 35 years in UK and came back to Pakistan (she is now 70 yrs old). It caters for the extremely poor children. Rs.200/- fee paid by the school, plus uniform books all on donation. Management of the school, which is totally depending on donations is trying to buy land next to the school but money needs to be raised, also for boundary wall.

Among the donation receptors is also Father’s House Society, Abbottabad which was given the handsome amount as donation. The organization headed by German citizen Nils Stilke runs a hostel/orphanage in Abbottabad.
Mashal Model School, Rawalpindi Leprosy Hospital with 97 patients bed and medical staffers, NGOs including SACH, St. Joseph’s Hospice Rawalpindi, Waldain Memorial Free Eye Hospital near Jehlum are also among donation receivers.
It is worth mentioning here that Christmas Bazaar a traditional activity held every year in German Embassy where variety products stalls are installed. Almost all diplomatic community visits the bazaar organized in December by the embassy. The money collected from Christmas Bazaar is donated among different deserving domains of the society.
Today’s simple but impressive event depicted a true expression of support and care.