Ganngnam Style sensation PSY unveils 'Gentleman' his new hip-swinging video

Eurasia News

South Korean pop star Psy unveiled Saturday the hip-swinging dance and music video for his new song, aimed at replicating the global success of “Gangnam Style” and its famed horse-riding dance.

The singer showed off the much-anticipated dance moves — a simple swaying, grinding hip movement — at a promotional concert in Seoul, held at a time of heightened military tensions with North Korea.

The long-awaited video, released a day after the new single “Gentleman” hit online stores worldwide, was posted on YouTube shortly after the concert which was streamed live on the video-sharing site.

At a press conference before the show, the 35-year-old singer described the division of the Korean peninsula as a “tragedy” and said he wanted North Korean people to share in the “fun and happiness” of his music.

“Tonight me and 50,000 Korean people… we are going to sing out loud. We are going to shout out loud and we are really close to them, so they can hear,” he said.

“Hopefully with my ‘Gangnam style’, ‘Gentleman’, and my music video, choreography … hopefully they might enjoy it too,” he added.

The video showed Psy, wearing his signature sunglasses, dancing at various locations in and around the capital Seoul including a high-end clothing store, restaurant and swimming pool.

The story line featured the obnoxious “Gentleman” singer teasing and playing practical jokes on women, such as pulling their chairs away as they were about to sit, before meeting his match.

The song contains more English lyrics than “Gangnam Style” in a clear nod to the singer’s newfound global audience.