Gandhi was a gay or not but he was one of the architect of Free India

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Mohan Das Gandhi was one of the key founders in India’s struggle for freedom from the British Rule. He was always an activist who loved to help out the people who were oppressed. Even while in South Africa he was well known for his acts and ways. It was his passive nature and peaceful approach to problems that has led to many people praising him as a saint and a revolutionary. True, Gandhi was a great man but he is still under a lot of controversy as many experts think of him as gay.
Yes, it’s true many expert historians claim that Gandhi might have been gay. In some newly revealed letters that were displayed in India on the 65th anniversary of his assassination; show that he might have had a physical relationship with South African bodybuilder, Hermann Kallenbach.
Among the most fascinating letters is one that was hand written by Gandhi which starts, ‘My dear Lower House’ and signed ‘Sinly yours, Upper House’. Though the head of National Archives deny that any of the letters went through censorship considering the fatherly status of Gandhi in India he did agree that only a selected amount of letters went on display at the museum.
Gandhi and the South African Bodybuilder (who was an architect by profession) lived with Gandhi in Johannesburg for two years from 1907 twhich was a year after Gandhi took a public oath of celibacy. Perhaps it was their strong friendship that led Gandhi to start and sign the letters in the above stated way that is still not sure.
Now, the question is: Was Gandhi gay? Many believe to be so while others advocate that he was married and had 4 children. Honestly, that is no excuse as many people often marry out of compulsion from society and live their lives miserably and even have kids. The only truth to the matter is that Gandhi was indeed a revolutionary who helped his people when they needed him and that alone is enough to let him have any private life he wants, at least in my books.