Financial Meltdown in Europe moves again to Spain–Thousands of people demonstrated in Spanish cities on Saturday

Eurasia News

MADRID: Anti government demonstrations are becoming a part of European life.  Greece, Italy, France and Spain are in flash light of international news where cash starved people have o choice to left except to show their rage on streets. Saturday was the day for Spain for such demonstrations. Slogan on placards was simple “Stop Financial Genocide”.

Thousands of people demonstrated pushing for a new law to end a wave of evictions of homeowners ruined by the economic crisis. Several thousand marched yelling to the din of drums and horns in central Madrid, waving banners reading “Stop evictions” and yelling “We have no homes!”

Similar protests were called in Barcelona and 50 other Spanish cities, the latest of months of demonstrations driven by anger at Spain’s recession and the conservative government, which is imposing austere economic reforms.