Eurasian publication “The Dispatch” magazine launches

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Eurasian publication “The Dispatch” magazine launches in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: The Dispatch magazine has been launched to promote culture, tourism, development, diplomacy and societies of Eurasia especially of South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Eurasian publication “The Dispatch” magazine launches
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The Head of Editorial Board of The Dispatch Agha Iqrar Haroon while talking to DND said that The Dispatch will link South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and will work as a platform for researchers of Eurasia to distribute their work while other aspects of societies including cuisines, culture, tourism, life style, costumes will be covered in this magazine that will also link Fast Moving Goods (FMGs) with consumers.

Editorial Board of this magazine include Editorial Board Agha Iqrar Haroon (Head of Editorial Board) world known Eurasian expert Dr Aftab Kazi (Editor), Ataul Haq (Dubai), Ch. Hamid Mahmood (Islamabad), Naheed Niazi (Lahore), Shahid Nadeem (Karachi), world known writer Juergen Thomas Steinmetz (United States), editor of World Tourism director Burhard Herbote (Germany) and leading Eurasian expert and publisher Marat Akhmedjanov (United Kingdom).

It may be mentioned that The Dispatch will collaborate with Dispatch News Desk news agency in Pakistan, world renewed tourism and travel publication eTN United States and with Silk Road Media United Kingdom for content swapping.

The Dispatch had already collaborated with The Region Initiative (TRI) that brings South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe together for development and cultural promotion.

First edition is out in market that covers articles of experts about CPEC, new Silk Road of China, Eurasiatic interdependence, Food and beverage industry in Pakistan and emerging close relations of Islamabad with Kremlin and other articles about development and diplomacy in Eurasian region.

Hard copies of magazine will be available in Karachi, Tashkent, Samarkand, Astana, Biskhkek, Lahore, Dubai, Islamabad and Peshawar. Rack rate of magazine is 3$.