Eurasian Media Forum will part of Astana EXPO-2017

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Eurasian Media Forum (EAMF)

Astana, Kazakhstan – The next annual East-West debates of the Eurasian Media Forum (EAMF) will be held within the context of Kazakhstan’s world exhibition, Astana EXPO-2017, on June 22-23 next year, reports

The Forum will be held at one of the platforms of the exhibition in the capital of Kazakhstan. This year’s Forum, the 13th in a series, brought together more than 550 delegates for three days, from April 20-22, in the heart of Central Asia to discuss the most pressing current issues.

Summing up at the final session, Chairperson Dr Nazarbayeva said all the harsh developments taking place in the world today were caused not by a conflict of civilizations, but by the process of adaptation of different civilizations, getting used to each other.

“It is a painful, dramatic and long process. It may take several more generations before human civilization reaches a common path of harmony, mutual understanding and peace” she added.

The total number of delegates attending the XIII EAMF was 567, including 248 from foreign countries. The discussions involved 48 speakers, as well as interventions from the floor. Representatives of 185 media took part.

The Forum comprised sessions on topical items on the international news agenda, such as “The present and future of the world economy, global crisis and a world without oil”; “Middle East: a regional transformation process or a game of interests?”; “Information wars” of the 21st century: the struggle for hearts and minds” and others.

As in previous years, the Forum attracted internationally known speakers, including Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan, Jack Straw, UK ex-foreign minister, Olga Kefalogianni, Greece’s former minister of tourism, Simon Anholt, branding expert, and others.

Another unique feature of the XIII EAMF was a large number of workshops and masterclasses by top speakers outside the plenary sessions.

The EAMF was founded on the initiative of Dariga Nazarbayeva in 2002 as a non-political and non-profit organization dedicated to open discussion of topical issues and problems affecting East and West. Over the years the Forum has expanded the boundaries of its interests beyond the Eurasian continent, as a calling card of Kazakhstan, a unique interactive world-class platform, which annually gathers more and more influential participants.