DSP Davinder Singh used to trap Kashmiri youth and killed them in Police encounters

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By Nasreen Jehan

New Delhi: Arrested DSP Davinder Singh who is now an established operator of Indian Deep State just executed plans giving by Indian intelligence agencies from New Delhi.

He used to trap Kashmiri youth and terminate (kill) them in fake encounters after establishing their links with Pakistan.

Background interviews with some of former colleagues of arrested high profiled award-winning DSP Davinder Singh helped this scribe to understand the modus operandi of Davinder Singh to arrange False Flags against neighbouring Pakistan.

Information gathered from his former colleagues suggest that:

Davinder Singh targets generally unemployed but educated Muslim youth of Kashmir (read as Indian Occupied Kashmir). He finds two friends, a group of two or three former school or college fellows and indoctrinate them against Indian State saying them that he is their friend and he is also very disturbed with the way India government is treating Muslims in Valley and denying their right of freedom.

Once youth is ready to fight back and become militants by mind, he used to provide them resources like money, weapons, telephone sims and information about sensitive place.

He used to call different unknown numbers of Pakistan or gulf countries from sims cards before giving them cellphones with same sim cards. These calls could be to any number of any shop or office collecting from Pakistani websites etc

Once it is established that boys are in contact with someone in Pakistan (through telephone records, he then slowly launches them for attacking military conveys for branding them real militants.

DSP Davinder Singh used to trap Kashmiri youth and killed them in Police encounters after establishing their links with Pakistan
DSP Davinder Singh used to trap Kashmiri youth and killed them in Police encounters after establishing their links with Pakistan

Once militants are established and with their established contacts in Pakistan—- he manages to kill them in police encounters but not in his area of work rather to places out of his beat areas.

Once boys are killed, Police used to hold press conference and provide information about killed militants with data which confirmed their contacts in Pakistan so neighbouring Pakistan is established as sponsoring terrorism in India.

It may be mentioned that arrested DSP Davinder Singh was a main executor of False Flags which India had been pitching against Pakistan in past including of the controversial attack on Indian Parliament and Pulwama incident.

Indian politicians, journalists and even security officials are claiming that the Indian Deep State had been staging False Flags against Pakistan to gain domestic gains and popular support.

They are criticizing Doval’s actions for fueling hatred and dividing Indian society and making brutality as new norm in State’s operations.

The involvement of arrested DSP Davinder Singh in Pulwama event and in Indian Parliament Attack is surfacing and senior journalists including Rajdeep Sardesai of India Today has raised very serious questions and linkages of DSP Singh with “Deep State—Intelligence agencies.

Indian politicians including mainstream Congress Party is also raising questions about the possibilities that DSP Singh had been working for Deep State to pitch False Flags against Pakistan and are demanding an inquiry by Supreme Court judges into Pulwama event as well as in Indian Parliament Attack.