Delhi University Students for Peace go for TOUR 2 BANGLADESH

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Monitoring Desk: The students of Delhi University have taken  a Peace Initiative by announcing  Cycle Peace Rally to Bangladesh calling it “TOUR 2 BANGLADESH” . The rally will start on March 3, 2015

Praveen Singh the convenor of Delhi University Students for Peace wrote in his facebook wall that:

“The idea of cycle march to campaign for peace in neighbourhood ..If Europe’s transition from a warring set of nations to the most developed and peaceful took just a few decades, it is not unthinkable to imagine that there can be lasting peace in our own subcontinent in a matter of a few years, as long as this is a just cause and concerned citizens support the idea. Why is it not possible to imagine the countries of our subcontinent being united as a consideration on the lines of the EU?
In our subcontinent where neighbouring countries share so many cultural similarities cutting across man-made borders it is not impossible to think of a confederation. All that we require is a new imagination”


Programe of Rally is as:
Date Day Start

Destination Far Stay Night
06.03.2015 1 Dhaka Daoudkandi 41 km Daoudkando
07.03.2015 2 Daoudkandi Comilla 55km Comilla
08.03.2015 3 Comilla Feni 58km Feni
09.03.2015 4 Feni Mirersorai 41km Mirersorai
10.03.2015 5 Mirersori Chittagong 52km Chittagong
11.03.2015 6 Chittagong Lohagora 61km Lohagora
12.03.2015 7 Lohagora Chokoria 43km Chokoria
13.03.2015 8 Chokoria Cox’sbazar 56km Cox’sbazar
14.03.2015 9 Cox’sbazar Closing

Delhi University Students for Peace go for TOUR 2 BANGLADESH

Program Schedule
Date Program Guest (Proposed)
06.03.2015 Grand Opening
South Plaza, National Parliament, Dhaka Speaker (National Parliament of Bangladesh)
06.03.2015 Start From Dhaka
06.03.2015-14.03.2015 Campaign Campaign in various Bus Stand
14.03.2015 Closing In Cox’s Bazar

It may be mentioned that Eurasian News Desk is Media Partner of this initiative to promote Peace in Sub-continent.