Czech Republic include new public transportation system to boost tourism

Eurasia News

Prague:  Prague and other oblasts  (provinces) of Czech Republic are having new public transport in the form of brand new metro train. This is will help tourists to travel to all important destinations within this country and will also help top boost tourism of this former USSR state.

Czech Railways is including two both units CityElefant on today for providing super speed commuting system of local transport in Prague. Now it will have 84 new units CityElefant Metros that are powered by Škoda Vagonka engines and city train that is called as “CityElefant” is very comfortable and units are air conditioned, have comfortable seats and toilets in the compartments.

Czech Railways spokesperson Šubová Catherine maintained that CityElefant will run on different traks including Studénka – Ostrava – Bohumín – Bridges at Jablunkova. Of the total of 83 units of them carry 71 passengers for the Central Region and around Prague , also are passing in Ústí and Pardubice region. The other 12 is on regional routes in the Region. CityElefant trains 33,400 kilometers every day in the Czech Republic tracks.