Christmas being celebrated across Pakistan

Eurasia News

ISLAMABAD: The Christian community around the world including in Pakistan are celebrating the holy festival of Christmas with religious fervour on Wednesday.

The country’s Christian community illuminated their homes and churches while shopping for the occasion continued till late Tuesday.

Almost all churches have been decorated with colourful lights and illuminated with Christmas trees.

The day started with special prayers at Churches, while the Christian community in the country renewed their commitments to follow the teachings of their religion in letter and spirit.

Special ceremonies and masses are scheduled for the day in all churches across the country with prayers for peace and stability of Pakistan.

The government has made comprehensive security arrangements and special deployment of police has been ensured at Churches and public places.

On the occasion of Christmas, President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in their separate messages have extended heartiest greetings to the Christians brethren all over the world and in particular to those living in Pakistan.

Both have reiterated the government’s resolve to uphold the rights of all minorities and to protect their lives and properties‚ treating them as equal citizens of the state.

The president and the prime minister have also urged the religious‚ political and social elites of the country to foster solidarity and brotherhood among followers of all the religious faiths to make Pakistan a hub of peace and prosperity.