Top 10 Cheapest Grocery Stores in Toronto Canada


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Living in Canada is full of excitement and exploration. While the living costs vary from state to state and city to city, there is a large number of Canadian residents always looking to reduce the cost of their living by finding cheap groceries across the country. Especially in Toronto, the standard of living is quite admirable. This also means that the costs are on the higher side. While this may be valid, there are many stores out there in Toronto that can help you save some bucks on your daily shopping needs. Let’s have a look at the top 10 cheapest grocery stores in Toronto, Canada to help you get started!

Cheapest Grocery Stores in Toronto

Cheapest Grocery Stores in Canada

No Frills

Moved to Toronto recently? You might have seen the name “No Frills” around in the city a lot. This super popular grocery store in Toronto is a go-to choice for many residents. What makes this place stand out is the amazing offers available for those who need it.

No Frills has a relatively smaller selection with huge discounts. The owners are smart enough to not spend a lot of money on merchandising and the overall look and feel of the store. However, the quality of grocery items in the store remains top-notch. So, if you are looking for a cheap yet amazing grocery shopping place in Toronto, No Frills definitely takes a clear spot on the list.

If we talk about the areas, the store is most popular around Greater Toronto Area. Moreover, the produce section has some good eating options for shoppers belonging to any ethnicity.


Second, on the list is Metro. This place is quite budget-friendly for those who regularly need groceries and other items at cheap prices. Metro is always stacked with good and healthy food for consumers of all types and sorts.

What gives Metro an edge is its 24-Hour shopping facility. While the store offers you almost everything you may need, it is important to know that the place is often crowded. You can also try shopping in the late hours to avoid bumping into a huge crowd.

If you find yourself stuck in a long queue, the self-checkout option may provide you a faster way out of the store. Additionally, Metro offers cooked meals like deli sandwiches to customers who like to grab a meal on the go. If your goal is to find everything in one place, and to shop it all at affordable prices, Metro is undeniably a great option to go with.

FreshCo Tornoto

Next in line is none other than the popular “FreshCo” stores. As the name quite clearly suggests, FreshCo is widely known for its fresh food. Every day, many day shoppers come in and get the stuff they need without any problem.

Owing to its great popularity, FreshCo is quite busy. However, there are several tips you can try to save your time while shopping through the store. One of the key advices by regular shoppers is to visit the store in late hours. Well, if you have got FreshCo in your neighbourhood and you can make this happen, why not?

The store environment is pretty clean and tidy so you can shop from packed items to fresh food just the way you like. Not only that, you get to shop it all at affordable prices. Like many other stores and unlike some specifics, FreshCo has almost everything to offer to customers starting from fresh items to self-care tools. Just head into the store and you will find all you need to be stacked upright in front of you. We hope that we were able to deliver valuable information on the cheapest grocery stores in Toronto.