Brian T. Mullis takes Sustainable Travel International board as Chairman from April 1, 2015

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Brian T. Mullis takes Sustainable Travel International board as Chairman from April 1, 2015

Monitoring Desk: Washington D.C.:  The Founder of Sustainable Travel International Brian T. Mullis will be new Chairman of the Board of organization while Dr. Louise Twining-Ward will take Mullis’ place as new CEO.

According to a press statement issued by the organization here, Mullis will work closely with Twining-Ward to expand the organization’s ability to harness the power of travel and tourism as a force for global good.

“We’re at an inflection point in our history. The urgency for transformative solutions and outcomes has never been greater. Poorly managed tourism is a threat to the environment, cultures, and landscapes on which it depends. But when carefully managed, tourism not only creates economic growth and wealth, it can enrich lives, strengthen communities, and protect our natural and cultural heritage”, Mullis said.

Looking to the future, Mullis will work with the Executive Board and Twining-Ward to grow the impacts of the organization and its partners through global and regional initiatives, and help to tell the hopeful story of how tourism can positively impact people’s lives and protect places.

The landscape for tourism development and cause-based organizations is changing rapidly as UN agencies and donors shift to mission- and outcome-oriented programmatic investments that achieve sustained impact, and multinationals look for social and environmental, as well as financial, returns on their investments in corporate responsibility.

Dr. Twining-Ward, who will now lead the organization, has been with Sustainable Travel International for five years. Sustainable Travel International’s Executive Board praised Twining-Ward as a progressive leader with a deep understanding of the industry, and the drive to help the organization achieve its goal to positively impact at least 10 million lives in 10 years. 

Twining-Ward added:

“I am excited about the opportunity to lead a group of passionate individuals who are helping to inspire positive change in the world through tourism. The sustainable tourism movement is at a tipping point. Our role is to inspire collective action in order to harness tourism as a force for good.”