Brazil may go to UN over US spying program

Eurasia News

BRASILIA: Brazil may go to the United Nations over a controversial US spying program on its citizens, Brazilian Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo said, Dispatch News Desk reported.

The minister also rejected the Washington’s claims that the operation was purely aimed at fighting terrorism, saying that Brasilia was not satisfied with the explanations presented by US Secretary of State John Kerry during his Tuesday’s visit which aimed at easing diplomatic tensions with the Latin American country.

“Consequently, we will bring the case to international organizations, probably the United Nations,” Bernardo told a congressional panel on Wednesday.

The documents leaked by the former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed that US has tapped Brazilians’ telephone conversations and emails.

Moreover, they also revealed that US maintains an intelligence base in Brasilia, part of a network of 16 such stations operated by the US National Security Agency (NSA) around the world to intercept foreign satellite transmissions.