Boeing launches new Dreamliner

Eurasia News

Boeing launched the biggest version of its Dreamliner plane at the Paris Air Show Tuesday with over 100 orders worth about $30 billion and a clear message — after a run of technical blows — that the US firm is back on track.

The announcement came on the second day of the world’s biggest air show, with competition between Boeing and its arch-rival Airbus heating up as the two giants vie for the spotlight and smaller competitors made their presence felt.

Airbus followed up huge orders on the first day Monday with a deal to sell 135 planes to easy Jet.

“Boeing today officially launches the 787-10,” Boeing head Jim McNerney told reporters, with commitments to buy the new aircraft from United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, and leasing firms ALC and GECAS.

The new-generation 787-10 is bigger than its two siblings in the fuel-efficient Dreamliner family, and Singapore Airlines and ALC were its two biggest customers on Tuesday, with 30 orders each.

United committed to buying 20 planes while British Airways will get 12 and GECAS 10. Boeing did not say how much the deals were worth, but a 787-10 costs $290 million at catalogue prices.