Blast hits Ankara military building left several dead

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Blast hits Ankara military building

Ankara, Turkey: A huge explosion rocked Ankara in close proximity to the Turkish parliament building, reportedly hitting a military dormitory. Local media report that a large number of people have been injured, reports RT Russia.

BBC breaking news reports that a large explosion at a military dormitory in Turkish capital Ankara ha

Turkish police said the blast was caused by a vehicle exploding, Reuters reports. Social media users in Ankara say they heard a loud noise all across the city, and posted photos of a huge plume of smoke rising over downtown Eskisehir Avenue. Blast took place in one of most heavily-protected areas in Turkey.

Blast hits Ankara military building left several dead

The explosion took place in a central area of Ankara, in close proximity to the Turkish General Staff headquarters, the Prime Ministry, Parliament and Defense Ministry. It happened during the rush hour, raising fear that the casualties might increase.
20 ambulances were sent to the scene of the blast, the Health Ministry officials were quoted as saying by private broadcaster CNN Türk.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said the authorities have received information about the blast and were looking into it. Davutoğlu was scheduled to depart for Brussels for a visit later this evening but he canceled the trip and headed to the presidential palace to attend a last-minute security summit.
Turkey’s broadcasting watchdog RTÜK imposed a broadcasting ban on the explosion, reports

News reports say buses carrying military personnel have been targeted. The explosion took place as the buses were arriving at a military lodging facility in downtown Ankara, according to reports.
“I heard a huge explosion. There was smoke and a really strong smell even though we were blocks away,” a Reuters witness said.
Ömer Çelik, a spokesman for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), wrote in Twitter that the explosion was an “act of terrorism.”