Boeing 737 Kazan crash: Bill for banning use of civilian aircraft older than 20 years moves in State Duma of Russia

Eurasia News

Moscow: In reference to 23 year old Boeing 737 that was crashed in Kazan, members of  State Duma (Lower House of Parliament) have moved a bill to impose ban on using civilian aircraft older than 20 years,  reports Dispatch News desk (DND). Bill may bring hot debate over ban issue as the chairman of the State Duma Transport Committee Evgeny Moskvichev considers  that age of vehicles doesn’t influence a technical condition because technology has approved and everything can be changed in air craft and cars if they are getting old.  He suggested to consider possibility of increase of the customs duties on old planes.

Moskvichev (“United Russia”) expressed opinion as:

Chamber won’t support the bill which limits 20 for years age of passenger planes operated in the Russian Federation, but in exchange it is possible to enter economic barriers on import of old planes, by analogy to barriers to import of second-hand cars into the Russian Federation.

The bill prohibiting use of civil aircraft older than 20 years was submitted to the State Duma, the lower house of Russian parliament, on Wednesday. The bill was moved by members of United Russia Party, including Igor Barinov and Igor Igoshin. The bill does not cover state, experimental or general purpose aircraft.

According to him, irrespective of age of planes it is necessary to exercise technical supervision, “that after service of a technical tool there was a control from bodies which grant the right to flight that it really was technically served correctly”. Such practice is accepted in all countries, and it has to be in Russia, he noted.
“From that tomorrow we will forbid 18-year or 19-year planes, believe, it won’t be better, it is necessary to understand that if the plane or the vehicle should be perfect to use intsdead of throwing it out. Moskvichev suggests to consider in exchange increase of the customs duties on old planes. It reminded that increased taxes are now established on import of second-hand cars.

It may be mentioned that Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 crashed Sunday evening as it was trying to land in Kazan, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan resulting in the death of all persons including 44 passengers and six crew members on board.