BEEMAR KAUN? : A Theatre Play with a cause and message on World Health Day

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Islamabad: Islamabad is political and administrative capital of Pakistan but this young city has yet to be played its role for the promotion of art and culture and staging a Theatre Play with a cause and message is a wonderful initiative of those who are staging BEEMAR KAUN? on the occasion of world Health Day at Centaurus Mall Islamabad. Play is written and directed by Alina Chaudry while is being produced by SIH, SCM and Rastay Arts. Cast and crew are from Shifa College of Medicine. This event is supported by Samaaj Tv Islamabad.


BEEMAR KAUN? A bilingual, comedy play, to be staged on The Word Health Day, 2014, the play is about 6 characters in a ship sailing in the sea. These people have never met each other before but travelling on the same ship. Each character has individual problem, illness and destination. The ship is stuck in the sea for last few days, it created frustration among the passengers and lately they came to know each other’s problems and illness, it revealed to them that each of them wants to go to different destination. The question rose where the ship exactly going, another bad news revealed that it is a ship without a captain.

The ship is a symbolized the society without the leadership. The play tells the illness belongs to soul and minds rather than bodies of the people in society.