Bangladesh Army will get 100% increase in salary from June 2015

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Bangladesh Army will get 100% increase in salary from June 2015


Dhaka, Bangladesh: Bangladesh is restructuring its Armed carde dividing salary structures of armed forces into 16 grades with top ranking monthly pay scale as higher as Tk 80,000 (Bangladeshi currency Tikka).

New pay structure has been submitted to Finance Ministry by the head of eight-member committee that was working for restructuring pay scales. The committee was headed by Lt General Anwar Hossain. He has recommended 100% increase in the salaries of all cadre of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

Basic pay for the lowest grade has been suggested at Tk 8,200. Salary for Generals or officers of equivalent ranked are above the highest grade has been suggested as Tk 1 lakh basic salary.

It may be mentioned that the pay committee was formed in January last year, consisting of representatives of the three services and the defence ministry. Before making the recommendations, the committee took opinions of the members of the armed forces. It also held meetings with the National Pay Commission. A special allowance has been recommended for the specially trained personnel in the armed forces, Anwar added.

According to Bangladeshi finance ministry, basic salary for second lieutenants has been proposed at Tk 30,000; for lieutenants Tk 32,000; captains Tk 37,000; majors Tk 45,000; lieutenant colonels Tk 52,000; colonels Tk 60,000; and for brigadier generals Tk 70,000. While the proposed salaries for various grades of soldiers and junior commissioned officers are: Tk 9,500 for soldier; Tk 10,500 for lance corporal; Tk 11,500 for corporal; Tk 17,000 for sergeant; Tk 25,000 for warrant officer; Tk 27,000 for senior warrant officer; Tk 28,000 for chief artificer; and Tk 29,000 for master warrant officer.