Avalanche in Askiz Khakassia Region of Russia: Rescue operation completed, one tourist died while two rescued

Eurasia News

Moscow: Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed that one tourist had died in avalanche and rescue operation has been completed.

According to a press statement of the ministry, avalanche took place at the source (mouth) of  Big Kazyr river in remote mountain. Two tourists were able to get out of snow while third was disappeared in the avalanche. Body of died tourist was discover his body on April 7 at at 8:30 local time.

Rescue operation involved two groups of rescue officers five employees of Mezhdurechensk and 10 specialists of the South Siberian search and rescue team from Abakan.

MI-8 helicopter of the Siberian regional center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was used to find the body.

Khakasiya (Хака́сия) is a federal subject of Russia (a republic) located in south-central Siberia. Its capital city is Abakan, which is also the largest city in the republic.