Atocha train station drama over

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Atocha train station drama over

Atocha train station drama over

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The Atocha train station in Madrid was evacuated on Friday and when police claimed arrest of a suspect suicide bomber. However after evacuation, police claimed it found nothing from suspect and he was carrying just a bottle of water in his backpack. The entire drama went on for over one hour.

It may be mentioned that Atocha is the biggest train station in Madrid  and station was hit by terrorists on 11 March 2004 when three bombs exploded as part of a coordinated attacks that killed 91 people and wounding over 1,800 passengers.

According to details, Madrid Police claimed that it had foiled suicide attack at Atocha train station and arrested one suicide bomber. News was spread over entire European media immediately and hundreds of people twitted photos of station evacuation. However Madrid police changed its statement after 40 minutes of arresting the man that suspect person had no explosive.

Madrid police officially twitted after 40 minutes that police had false information about suspect and nothing was found from him. However the station was remained closed and passengers left trains and taken away their luggage with them out of trains.


According to twitter messages and by police sources the man was arrested by police and evacuation and safety procedures were followed to avoid any eventuality and bomb disposal officers was placed on place.