APA session concludes with Islamabad Declaration; condemns drone attacks, foreign occupation

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APA session concludes with Islamabad Declaration; condemns drone attacks, foreign occupation

ISLAMABAD: The sixth plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) concluded in Islamabad on Tuesday with the adoption of Islamabad Declaration, condemning US drone strikes and all type of secret operations.

The Islamabad Declaration also condemned all kinds of foreign occupation‚ interference in internal affairs and violations of territorial integrity and States sovereignty.

The APA recognized the legitimate rights to self-determination of all people under foreign occupation. The declaration said that the APA considered foreign occupation‚ terrorism and extremism as evils.

The declaration said that terrorism and extremism have no religion‚ nor any national boundaries since these are enemies of humanity. It need to be condemned universally and combated collectively as these are common threats. The declaration underlined the need to remove their root causes.

The Assembly reaffirmed the in-alienable right of every country to acquire‚ develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under IAEA safeguards including access to civil nuclear technology without any discrimination.

The APA resolved to work in unison to promote cooperation and solidarity among Asian nations so that a collective vision and will is demonstrated to combat in a concerted manner the complex challenges‚ the Asia faces in Asian century.

The APA committed to promote the pivotal role of Parliaments in realizing the hopes and dreams of their people for resolution of their long-standing problems including poverty alleviation and quest for a better quality of life.

The declaration recognized regional economic cooperation as an important pillar of promoting peaceful development and sharing prosperity‚ underlining the need for trading‚ commerce‚ investment‚ special economic zones‚ economic corridors‚ roads and railways and promoting energy cooperation.

The Assembly expressed gratitude to the Parliament and government of Pakistan for graciously hosting the sixth plenary conference of Asian Parliamentary Assembly.