Afghanistan claims only two civilians killed in shelling of Pakistan forces, threats militarily response

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Kabul, Afghanistan: Afghanistan has threatened Pakistan for exercising militarily options if diplomatic channels fail and if Pakistan again strikes Afghan soil.

According to Afghan media, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that Pakistani forces resorted shelling in Sarkano district of Kunar province and killed two civilians. MoD denied that Pakistani forces came inside Pakistan or used air force for strike. However, Pakistan media claimed that Pakistan Army conducted strikes inside Afghanistan and also operated air strikes.

“Military preparations are in full swing to defend the country, if diplomatic dialogues failed to stop Pakistan border shelling in eastern provinces of Afghanistan,” said Chief of the Afghan Army Staff, Qadam Shah Shaheem.

“There is no distinction between terrorist groups, and every country should bear in mind that training, facilitating and supporting militants is a mistake that they also would burn one day in that flame,” he added.

It may be mentioned that Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Saturday summoned Pakistani ambassador to register concerns over border shelling.

In a statement issued by MoFA, said that Deputy Foreign Minister, Hekmat Khalil Karzai summoned Pakistani Ambassador to Kabul, Abrar Hussain, denouncing rocket attacks in Afghanistan.

According to statement, “During the meeting, the Deputy Foreign Minister expressed his condolence for the recent suicide attack that took place at a shrine in Pakistan’s Sindh, in which innocent people lost their lives.”

Deputy Foreign Ministers also denounced the last night rocket attacks of Pakistani troops on Lalpur of Nangarhar province, and other eastern parts of Afghanistan and asked for explanation. These attacks caused the displacement of civilians during winter time.

Moreover, the Deputy Foreign Minister showed his concern over the arrest of 150 Afghans in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and also to the closure of Torkham and Chaman Gates against Afghan commuters and merchants.

Furthermore, Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan expressed concerns over Pakistan’s crossing-border shelling, said the both sides must work together and de-escalates the tensions.

Chief of Afghan Army Staff, Qadam Shah Shaheem


“Any increasing tension concern us, it is negative and it is risky,” Charles Cleveland, a spokesman for RS told Afghan media. “All sides and every one of us have got to figure out and work together so that we can commonly address terrorism.

“70 percent of IS (in Afghanistan) are former TTP members, they stay cross the border, we have killed several leaders including top 12 ISIS leaders, we have killed the leader of PGG who was responsible for horrible attack in a Peshawar school that killed over 150 people,” the RS spokesman said.

“Last year, IS were present in about 11 districts of Nangarhar and now it has been reduced to two or three and their numbers were 2,000 and now down to about 700 in Nangarhar and a few hundred in Kunar,” he added.