A Russian helicopter disappears and found later

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Moscow: The Russian Mi-8 helicopter belonging to the UTair airline which disappeared in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been discovered in the jungle in the mountains.

On the 9th of March the UN-freighted helicopter was performing a flight Shabunda-Bukau in Congo in difficult weather conditions under pouring rain.

The last contact with the crew was at a distance of over 10km from the Bukau airport and the helicopter did not arrive at the airport at the appointed time.

On the 10th of March the helicopter with 4 members of the crew was discovered at a height of 2,700m. The helicopter was not carrying any passengers or cargo.


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A Russian helicopter Mi-8 “UTair” with crew has disappeared during the flight for the UN in Africa. At the place where pilots took to the last link, went rescuers.

In the Republic of Congo missing Russian helicopter Mi-8, to perform the mission of the UN. According to Interfax , an aircraft owned airline” UTair “.

Mi-8 with the pilot before the Russians took off with a load to perform their flight. Ten kilometers to the landing communication with the helicopter was lost. In the place of the disappearance of the Mi-8 during the flight were severe weather conditions.

Congolese rescuers immediately after the loss of the helicopter began a search operation.