3rd International LGBT Business Expo in September 2013 at Guadalajara, Mexico

Eurasia News

LGBT Confex is holding 3rd International LGBT Business Expo for Latin America on September 5 to 7, 2013 at Guadalajara, Mexico.

Sponsors, exhibitors and delegates will participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions that will define the LGBT business agenda throughout Latin America for the next year – and in the future.

It will be a B2B event and build bridges LGBT clients living in Mexico and other key regional markets such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina will present their products.


Each element of this event in Guadalajara is designed to maximize business opportunities, education and business networking generation. An essential part of the program are a series of lectures on the most important industry and the exhibition area, the fair for consumers and business meetings by appointment and events taking place throughout the expo. The Third International LGBT Business Expo, Guadalajara 2013 features some of the leading specialists LGBT market and focuses on the immense potential of development for businesses and consumers in different segments of the gay market industry in Latin America.
Among the various segments of the industry are participating service providers such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruises, car rentals, tour operators, travel agents, tourism authorities, VCOs and companies already working with the LGBT community – and companies interested in business opportunities LGBT market segments such as banking, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, IT, clothing and accessories, alcohol, automotive and many more. For a long time, the LGBT market has been one of the most significant niches other parts of the world, such as America and Europe. The Third International LGBT Business Expo, Guadalajara 2013 provides the key to understanding – and open – this immense potential for business in Latin America.

Education is one of the most valuable components of the event. The Third International LGBT Business Expo 2013 will focus on opportunities for mass market presented in Mexico to help direct efforts more effectively toward the $ 4.8 million gays and lesbians who are potential customers for a large number of organizations in the country.

The first sponsor of the event is the company Out Now Global – marketing agency LGBT world leader. Investigating Out ​​Now reveals that the gay market in Mexico represents an annual income of $ 67 billion – more than twice the market follows, Argentina (2010: $ 27 billion). Research Out Now shows that Brazil is the largest market it the region with annual revenues of $ 95 billion. A central point of the conference program is the detailed information of the latest market research LGBT – in countries of Latin America – as well as a comparative analysis with other key markets, including North America and Europe.