Teichmann Group plans to build heavy machinery production unit in Uzbekistan

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Teichmann Group of Germany plans to build heavy machinery production unit in Uzbekistan

Teichmann Group of Germany plans to build heavy machinery production unit in Uzbekistan


Islamabad, Pakistan: Teichmann Group of Germany plans to build a heavy machinery production including cranes in capital city of Uzbekistan.

According to a press statement issued here on Wednesday by the Embassy of Uzbekistan, a delegation of the German company is expected to visit Tashkent to hold talks that will determine specific types of equipment as well as the scope of investment needed to get the project off the ground.


It may be mentioned that a memorandum was signed in November last year that was followed by the first session of the joint working group for erection of plant.

The production facilities will be located at unused premises and inactive buildings of the Tashkent Mechanical Plant. According to plans, the bulk of the products that will be made by the plant will go for export.

Uzbekistan is becoming important for heavy machinery production units in central Asia and a number of plants have already been established at the special industrial zone (SIZ) of Jizzakh in 2015. Currently Uzbek-Chinese joint venture Master Bilding Products has established the production of several types of products, Jahon news agency reported.

The Uzbek-British joint venture Roison Home White Goods for the production of modern household appliances was commissioned in SIZ in December 2015.

About US$26.6 million were directed to the project. It is one of the largest enterprises, which operate in a special industrial zone. The enterprise can produce about 650,000 units of various household appliances – TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, gas cookers – a year.

Joint venture Juita Gulshana Invest has been launched in the zone. It produces sewing machines and its annual capacity is about 15,000 units of products under the brand JUITA. The project cost is US$1.2 million. Diamond carpet was commissioned in SIZ Jizzakh in late 2015 and it produces carpets.

The project cost is US$6.4 million. It can produce up to 3,000 tonnes of polypropylene yarn and 1.2 million square meters of carpets annually. The factory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment.

In 2016, it is planned to launch over ten new facilities for production of products with high added value. The enterprises will produce such goods as telecommunications equipment, wiring accessories, batteries, modems, ceramic tiles, insulation materials, and more.

In general, domestic and foreign investors intend to implement more than 30 large projects on localization of production based on local raw materials, in coming years at special economic zone and its branch in Syrdarya region.