Kazakhstan goes for early Presidential elections

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Kazakhstan Presidential elections

Kazakhstan goes for early Presidential elections

Monitoring Desk: After the approval of the Mazhilis (lower house of Parliament), the upper House (Senate) has also voted for early Presidential elections in Kazakhstan, reports Dispatch News Desk news agency.

The Senate approved early elections through voting where 41 out of 42 Senators present in the House voted to call on President Nursultan Nazarbayev to support the initiative of the council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan to hold an early presidential election.

Under Kazakhstan’s constitution, an early presidential election can be called by the President and is to be held within two months of such a decision. It may be mentioned that previous presidential election took place in April 2011, resulting in Nazarbayev’s winning a five-year term with 95.5 percent of the vote. Therefore elections are due around January-march 2016.